Dangerous Affair by Cheryl Harrington
Free Daily Books - January 27, 2015

91SLEazRdsL._SL1500_ (1)A Story About Crime and Passion (romantic books for adults) [Kindle Edition]

This is the story of Vlad and Amelia, who are both caught in the crossfire between the law and a local syndicate ring. Vlad belonged to law enforcement and was being handled by Ben, who leads the police force in Santa Fe. Amelia, on the other hand, is a lover of Big Bubba Jones, the leader of the drug cartel in town.

Both of them are thrown in the middle of the long fight between the Cavalry force of the police and Mayor, and the Big 45, the biggest drug syndicate in New Mexico.

Both Vlad and Amelia have their secrets that they are reluctant to reveal. Vlad does it to save Amelia from the painful truth that not all people are thinking of what is right and just. Amelia holds her mouth shut because she has lived in fear all her life, and she does not want to throw away all the comforts that she knows without any certainty.

Their lives are torn apart by danger, but they don’t know how else they should live. They just know that Santa Fe is a place for danger, with the Big 45 and the Cavalry clashing every now and then.

However, when love happened between Vlad and Amelia, the lines that separated them from one another began to fade. Danger lurks, and they do not know whom they should trust. Should they continue relying on the powerful people that have taught them how to become who they are, or should they trust their own instincts and hope that they could start over?

Their story unfolds, and all their secrets are brought to light, one by one. This is a story of crime and passion set in a restless journey of two people trying to find their place in a bullet-riddled town.

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