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Reviews - January 24, 2015

S71Ios5kNeRL._SL1398_ (1)o what is the big deal about coconut oil?  I’ve always loved the smell. How can you not?  You feel like your on a tropical island, perhaps sipping on a fancy umbrella drink.  It takes me back to my childhood days playing on the Greek beaches.  Can you believe that was thirty plus years ago???  The smell of coconut oil mixed with sand and salt water just takes me back.  It’s luxurious and moisturizing.  It never goes out of style.

I never really knew there were any benefits of using coconut oil, except for the delicious smell. But I found out that it helps with digestion and supports healthy weight and energy.  It’s also great for hair and skin.  I feel like I’m nourishing my body when I apply it.

When I first opened this giant jar of coconut oil, it looked like it had clumps of coconut in it and I was curious how I was going to apply it to my body without making a mess. But when I applied it, the clumps melted away and it was smooth and silky.   I also used it on my hair, leaving it in overnight and washed it out the next day.  My hair felt softer and was more manageable.

How is Coconut Oil Gold different?

It comes from freshly harvested coconuts to keep the natural levels of lauric acid and Vitamin E.  The dried flesh of the coconut is processed through a cold process expeller press to extract the oil and doesn’t use any other processing aids, including sulfates so it is in it’s pure form.

Did you know that you can also cook with Coconut Oil Gold?

Coconut Oil GOLD™ has fewer calories than conventional oils, has no cholesterol, and is great for cooking and baking.  It is pesticide free, GMO free, and has no solvents or preservatives.  Besides being beneficial for vegans and vegetarians, it is also free of trans-Fat and hydrogenated fats.

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Available in 1 lb and 2 lb containers

To purchase Coconut Oil Gold click here

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