Best Christmas Hot Cocoa Bomb for the Holidays
Desserts & Sweets - November 20, 2023

Are you looking for the best Christmas Hot Cocoa Bomb for the Holidays? They are fun for a party or a work gathering, and especially for the Holiday Season. These particular cocoa bombs are not only yummy, but easy on the eyes! And they are so much fun and make great gifts too. All you need is a cup of hot milk.

3 DIY Christmas Cocoa Bombs with green and red petals and red sprinkles for the Christmas Cocoa Bombs for the Holidays
Christmas Cocoa Bombs

I’m a little late for the viral Cocoa Bomb craze. However, the Holidays have inspired me to bake. It’s been a rough year and I am starting to feel festive. I keep seeing hot cocoa bombs near me for sale in the stores and wondered if I could make them myself.

After doing a little research on how to make cocoa bombs, I whipped up this fun DIY Christmas Cocoa Bomb recipe using round silicone molds to make a chocolate sphere. It’s simple and fun. Some people use chocolate melts but I prefer real chocolate.

close up of cocoa bomb for Christmas Cocoa Bombs for the Holidays

This is the same recipe as the New Year’s Eve Tradition Cocoa Bomb except for the decorations I used on top of them.

I used leaf molds and Colored Candy Pearls to decorate the hot chocolate molds. These turned a simple cocoa bomb into a beautiful decorative holiday cocoa bomb.

3 Hot chocolate bomb close up shot for Christmas Cocoa Bombs for the Holidays

Supplies for Hot Chocolate Balls

Ingredients for DIY Christmas Cocoa Bomb

Directions for hot Chocolate Bomb

  • Melt chocolate in a microwave-safe bowl starting with 1 min 50% power. Do not over-melt the chocolate.
  • Spoon chocolate into the mold
  • Put molds on a tray or cutting board and into the refrigerator for 30 mins
  • Using gloves gently pull chocolate molds out of molds (the halves of the hot cocoa bomb).
  • Heat up a plate for 1 minute
  • Put mold on the plate to smooth out (flat portion of a warm plate).
  • fill with 1 Tablespoon of hot chocolate mix (small amount of instant hot cocoa mix)
  • Place marshmallows inside.
  • Add other bomb mold halves on a hot plate and smooth out the sides of the mold. Immediately place on top of the cocoa-filled mold smoothing the side of the chocolate with the bottom of your tablespoon (back of a spoon).
  • Heat up some white chocolate chips and spoon into a ziplock bag, cut off tip, and drizzle on top of the bombs. (or piping bag). You can also use a chocolate melt to drizzle on top in addition to green candy melts, red candy melts or white candy melts.
  • Add sprinkles or chocolate decorations.

Hot Chocolate Bomb Tips for the best Christmas Cocoa Bomb for the Holidays:

Use Latex Gloves

Using Latex gloves will keep fingerprints off the bombs.

Cool Chocolate

Make sure the topping chocolate has cooled off other wise it will melt the bomb.

Use a Hot Plate

Use a hot plate to smooth out edges of the half of a bomb mold

Use Measuring Spoon

Use a half-tablespoon measuring spoon (2x) to add hot chocolate so that it doesn’t spill all over the outside of the bombs (outside of the mold).

You can Make the Cocoa Bomb Keto Friendly

If you use Lily’s sweetened with stevia and Ghiradelli Hot Cocoa, it is Keto and sugar-free without the marshmallows. You can make the mold toppings with Lily’s too.

Use Airtight Container for Storing Cocoa Bombs

Don’t forget to use an airtight container to put them in.

Try Different Flavored Chocolate for Hot Chocolate Bombs

There are so many different flavors you can do too, like dark chocolate, milk chocolate, salted caramel, white chocolate, and peppermint mocha!

Making a Cup of Hot Chocolate with the Bomb

Make a cup of warm milk and add the bomb.

Christmas Cocoa Bombs

Hot Chocolate Bombs for Christmas

Holiday hot chocolate bombs


  1. Melt the chocolate (start with 1 min 50% power) Do not over-melt - just stir lumps until meltedsilicone mold with chocolate
  2. Spoon the chocolate into the mold
  3. Put molds on a tray or cutting board and into the refrigerator for 30 mins
  4. Pull the chocolate molds out of molds when ready using gloves (if you don't want fingerprints)
  5. Heat up a plate for 1 minutespoon of cocoa
  6. Place mold on the plate to smooth out and fill with 1 Tablespoon of Cocoa Powder
  7. Place the marshmallows inside
  8. Place the other half of the mold on a hot plate smooth out and immediately place it on top of cocoa filled mold
  9. Heat up some white chocolate chips and spoon into a ziplock bag, cut off the tip, and drizzle on top.
  10. Add the sprinkles


Exact amounts of ingredients needed or yield may vary depending on the actual silicone mold you use. Silicone molds come in all sizes - with the one's I purchased, I used the large ones, so if you don't use the exact same one we did, you may end up needing more or less of each ingredient. I used a full tablespoon of Cocoa in each mold.

If you are drizzling the white chocolate on top of bomb, make sure it cools a little otherwise it will put a hole in the bomb

holiday cocoa bombs



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