12 Days of Christmas Dessert Plates: Top Dessert Recipes
Desserts & Sweets - November 4, 2023

The Christmas season is so wonderful, it’s really the best time of the year! If you are looking for the best Christmas dessert plates, we’ve got you covered. Cookies, cakes, tart, candies, puff pastry sweets… So, you should definitely try our Christmas dessert recipes below and enjoy the festive season with your close family members. We wish you a happy Christmas Eve and Merry Christmas!

Christmas dessert plates for the Holidays

Christmas Activities for Families

If you want to have an unforgettable Christmas, try these fun Christmas activities for families. We enjoy going to Schnepf Farms during the Holidays.

  • Take a Holiday card photo
  • Plan a family photo shoot
  • Decorate a gingerbread house
  • Go for family ice skating
  • Build a huge snowman
  • Bake cookies with your children
  • Watch beloved Christmas movies
  • Create snow globes from mason jars
  • Host a Christmas craft party or a holiday game night

Christmas Dessert Plates

For Christmas dessert plates, all you need are simple and affordable ingredients. You can buy them at any grocery store in case you don’t have some of the items at home. Chocolate sprinkles, orange juice and cranberries, cracker crust, white chocolate, peppermint, cranberry applesauce, puff pastry, syrup, and cinnamon. With these delicious ingredients, you can make the best cookies, candies, tarts, and cakes.

What Kind of Dessert Plates Should You Use?

Which plates to choose for Christmas dessert plates? You can use salad plates with rich colors, a dinner plate with a unique character drawing or a fresh new holiday pattern. Also, you can buy individual plates just for the 12 days of Christmas dessert dishes. Don’t be afraid to use paper plates. The choice is yours! Enjoy cooking and may you have a blessed Christmas time!

Christmas Dessert Plates

Delicious Christmas and Holiday dessert plates for everyone.

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