13 Easy Christmas Crafts for Older Kids
Crafts - November 23, 2023

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas everywhere you go… I bet you sang that in your head, didn’t you? Who said that the holiday season is just for your little babies? Christmas season is for kids of all ages and for us all! So, let me help you out and offer you the best ideas for Christmas crafts for older kids.

Christmas doesn’t have to be less fun, just because your kids are older than 12! In this blog, I’ll walk you through a bunch of Christmas crafts for older kids. It’s such a great way to ensure the whole family is enjoying the season!

What Are the Available Christmas Crafts for Older Kids’ Possibilities?

In fact, it can be anything from making Christmas ornaments using pom poms to creating Christmas tree crafts and passing by DIY Christmas decorations.

Your options are certainly as limitless as your imagination and creativity.

Family Quality Time

Christmas is all about family gatherings, right? Traditionally speaking, everyone is so eager to meet at their parent’s house so they could spend the holidays with their extended family. While adults are busy doing their thing and catching up with their brothers and sisters, their kids are reunited once again with their long-distance cousins. Therefore, why not plan a few Christmas crafts for them to enjoy on Christmas Eve?

That way, you’ll rest assured that all family members, no matter how old or young, are having a great time!

Christmas Art Projects

Let the season begin by starting off the holidays on the right foot! Nothing makes one kid’s heart happy more than getting their little hands busy with creative projects. There’s something about acrylic paint, glue stick, paper snowflakes, and pipe cleaners that capture any kids’ attention. Christmas crafts for older kids will keep them busy for hours, stimulate their creative sense, and teach them new things nonetheless.

Handmade Christmas Gifts

Oh, you can send your older kids on a Christmas mission! How? You can assign, out of fun of course, to each one of your babies to make DIY Christmas presents that they can offer later on to their families or friends. It can be the crafty version of the secret Santa game.

Imagine waking up on Christmas morning to a basket of goodies with handmade Christmas cards on top. How thoughtful and cute, don’t you think so?

What Will You Need?

With all these great ideas comes the need to a whole basket of art supplies. It all depends on the type of crafts you will choose, but here’s a list of a few common things that all Christmas crafts require.

First things first, you will definitely need glue, cotton balls, pine cones, etc. You could also use toilet paper roll for snowman making as well as paper plate for Christmas wreath, and maybe a snow globe for more sophisticated crafts. Not to forget jingle bells and popsicle sticks for fun Christmas crafts.

So, head to the nearest dollar store on your nearest occasion.

A List of the Easiest Christmas Crafts for Older Kids Ideas

Christmas arts are one the most famous crafts in the whole wide world. Choose your favorite!

Christmas Crafts for Older kids

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