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Blog - August 2, 2020

boy eating a donut ice cream sandwich

This is a sponsored post for Entenmann’s.  All opinions are my own.

Boy, is it hot here in Phoenix! We hit 121 degrees the other day.  But there is still a couple of windows of time during the day that we can sneak out; early in the morning and around dinnertime. 

Of course, there’s nothing like a yummy cold treat when we are in the back yard, whether we are out there for bounce house water fun or a barbecue! Summers are what we look forward to all year. And we always have something cold to cool us down.

Donut ice cream sandwich

Ice cream desserts are out favorite.  We also love Entenmann’s donuts, especially the chocolate.  So, we combined the two to make delicious donut ice cream sandwiches. 

This is a really simple recipe that the kids can enjoying making too. You just need three ingredients; donuts, ice cream and sprinkles. See full recipe below.


Donut Ice Cream Sandwich

Prep Time: 10 minutes
Additional Time: 20 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes

Easy donut ice cream sandwiches.


  • ice cream
  • donuts
  • sprinkles (optional)


  1. Grab your favorite donuts and ice cream and cut donuts in half with a knife
  2. Pour favorite sprinkles on a plate (optional)
  3. Scoop some ice cream (should be softer now) on a separate plate and let melt a little
  4. Mold ice cream into desired shape to match the donut shape
  5. Put mold back in freezer and start another
  6. After about 10 minutes of freezing, transfer ice cream onto donut and make a sandwich
  7. Roll the ice cream sandwich through the sprinkles and then put back in freezer
  8. Repeat with the next ice cream sandwich until done

You can also make this simple recipe with Entenmanns Minis Crumb Cake. I would hold off on the sprinkles and just indulge in the yummy crumbs and ice cream!

How to make easy donut ice cream sandwiches.

We love all of Entenmann’s products, but our favorites are the minis because they are great for snacking and on the go.

To celebrate summer with Entenmann’s we are doing a fun Entenmann’s giveaway. Enter to win a $25 Virtual Gift card and 3 product coupons worth $7!


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