Business Plans That Work by Cynthia Kocialski
Free Daily Books - January 13, 2015

516R7CU0dULWhy Some Do and Most Don’t – A Fresh, New Approach to Creating a Thriving Business [Kindle Edition]

Starting a new business? Step One: Ditch the typical business plan! Discover a more strategic way to create a thriving business from day one!

Every 50 seconds a new business is started with high hopes, and every 60 seconds a business closes with disappointment. It’s a scary fact when starting a new business.

There’s the old route of writing up yet another business plan, but guess what? Look at the results – half of all businesses fail within the first 5 years. It’s not necessary for a business to succeed!

Business Plans That Work is not the boring step-by-step approach to writing a typical business plan, but something quite the opposite … learn how to replace the standard business plan with something that is easier to create and more appropriate for a new business.

The typical business plan of the past was a mere fairy tale, full of guesses, estimates and assumptions of what might be. No real facts only made up numbers. And that is not a plan for success.

So what is this new approach then? Entrepreneurs should start with a concept plan first.

Unlike a business plan, a concept plan takes all the guesses and estimates and carefully organizes them and prioritizes them upon how much of an impact they will have on a new business. Then at that point, it devises a plan to prove it’s a viable business idea and/or concept that one can move forward with.

Business Plans That Work provides useful statistics, case studies and a simple six-step Concept Plan formula to help budding entrepreneurs create a starting point for setting a new business on the right path from day one. And if they already have a business plan, that’s ok too. The book shows how to convert it over to a Concept Plan.

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