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719OmAaIjfL._SL1377_-1024x854I am sick of finding little pieces of LEGO under the bed, under the crib and under the chest of drawers in my kid’s room and in our room.  I don’t know how many times my husband and I have stepped on a piece of LEGO and shrieked in agony (and maybe a few swearwords slipped out beneath our breath).  I didn’t know any other way of living.  I thought stepping on LEGO was a way of life when you had children.  I knew that there were organizers out there but hadn’t looked into them yet as I had an infant who could choke on the pieces.  I guess this could be one reason to have something that organizes them.   So I was really interested and excited about using the BOX4BLOX toy storage and sorter box for organizing small plastic interlocking building bricks.
This 10 and quarter inch cube holds approximately 1,600 pieces of either LEGO, Mega Bloks, K’Nex, and Rokenbok.  It works like a coin sorter sifting through the big pieces while the smaller ones fall through the levels according to their size.  This saves time and space.  Everything stays in the same place.  Clean up time is easier for everyone.
How does it work?
You just have to stack the four plastic trays on top of each other, making sure the green tray stays on the bottom and the red tray on top of the green tray.  The yellow tray stays on top of the blue tray which is on top of the red tray.  There is a method to this madness!  All the pieces are different sizes so they sift through the trays according to their size.  Shake the box gently and the pieces will trickle down.  Voila!
What did I think of  BOX4BLOX?
I think it is a genius idea and product.  I would love them to consider making a larger size for families with a lot of children.  I only have two boys, but the Mega Bloks take up a lot of space.  People also need to be aware that it is not a toy.  My one year old was obsessed with it.  He wanted to stack them.  But again, it is an organizer, not a toy.  I would definitely recommend this to any family whose children play with LEGO and Mega blocks (which is basically every kid).  It’s also made with the same plastic that is used to make LEGO.  I think it would be really neat if they had the option of making it with cushiony material along with the plastic version they have now.  I would feel better about it being out around my infant.  For now, it is put in a high place and taken down when everyone is ready to play with the LEGO.
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BOX4BLOX has a 5 YEAR GUARANTEE – Made in the USA all parts are guaranteed against any broken or damaged parts.

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