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Blog - January 12, 2017


I have boys!  Dirty, scruffy, ruff and tumble, delicious boys.

And their shoes last about two days.  No, I’m just kidding.  But seriously, they go through shoes fast.  Some last longer than others but both my kids have “challenging” feet.  This is not from my side of the family.  Hahaha.

They both have wide, square, high insteps.  It’s so much fun looking for shoes!   Now, my five year old has discovered laces and that big boys wear shoes with laces, so that narrows it down a bit.  lol.

We decided to try Bobux Shoes but I will confess that I was a little nervous shopping for shoes online when their feet are such a challenge.   But I was willing to give it a shot.


The first pair of shoes that we tried were the I-WALK CLASSIC Scoot Boot in Espresso.

I try to do as many mid-height boots as possible since my youngest likes to stand on his tippy toes and it has been suggested to get him to wear high tops as much as possible.

He absolutely loved the boots and prefers wearing these boots to his regular  shoes.  In the past, getting him to put on high tops was a challenge but the I-WALK CLASSIC Scoot Boot changed his mind. The Scoot Boot is made from full grain leather, suede leather and has a durable sole with added flex points.  It has an adjustable hook-n-look closure and elastic laces that help with getting his wide feet inside the boot.  The premium fasteners also help make it easy to slip them on and off.  That was part of the problem with his other mid-height shoes/boots.


He went hiking and even walked in the snow!  I noticed also that he stood less on his tippy toes.  He still did this when wearing his other mid-height shoes.

The second pair of shoes we got were for my five-year-old.  He is a little more high maintenance, meaning he is growing into his own sense of style.  He only likes a certain style sock and now looks for shoes with only laces.   So I played it safe and got him a pair of shoes that had a cross between laces and a velcro fastener.  These are the I-WALK STREET Attica in Black.

img_0324800500800These shoes were a hit!  They are so comfy with the inside lined with cotton melange.  There is an adjustable strap across the foot and an elastic lace that help with comfort.  These are sophisticated looking but can be worn casually too.


The sole is really durable with multi flex points that make it great to climb.  The tread pattern provides grip also.  The I-WALK STREET Attica in Black

I am so impressed with these shoes, I think everyone should try them!  I’m confident that my kids are wearing one of the best products for their feet when wearing Bobux Shoes.  Check out their site HERE.  It’s easy to navigate.  It will show you how to measure your child’s feet and will guide you through which shoes to choose from by which stage of development they are at.  Check it out!

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