Best Irish Potato Pie Recipe; 15+ to Try
Recipes - February 14, 2023

St. Patrick’s Day is very often celebrated with a traditional Irish recipe. The Irish potato pie is the ideal dish for a family gathering on St. Patrick’s Day or at any other time of the year. Here are some various meal prep methods of some of the best Irish potato pie recipe ideas.

Irish potato pie is perfect as a leftover!

Origin of the Recipe

The potato pie or traditional Irish shepherd’s pie is one of the traditional Irish recipes that came to the US in the 1800s by a cook’s great-great-aunt called Bridget. Thanks to the fine legacy of Aunt Bridget, we can enjoy such a hearty recipe. This pie dish works as a main plate or a side dish.                                                                                                               

Variations of the Potato Pie Recipe

First of all, let’s not mix the cottage pie with the potato pie. While both are classified as St. Patrick’s Day recipes, the shepherd’s pie contains lamb while the cottage pie has beef. This doesn’t mean that if you use one or the other, you lose the recipe altogether.

This recipe basically has ground lamb, ground beef, or corned beef cooked with gravy which might include beef stock, bacon drippings with bacon grease, or red wine. Then, you add some veggies (optional), forming an even layer over the meat mixture. The final layer is that of the potatoes, forming a crispy crust that turns golden brown after being baked in an oven.

However, this original recipe has so much evolved that you can find various versions of it. You will find those below.

The Original Savory Pies

In this version, the main ingredient is surely mashed potatoes. The difference is in the type of ground meat. It is the large chunks of lamb that satisfy those who like excess fat on special occasions.         

The Potato Pie Dessert Version

Some have converted this original recipe into a dessert. The sweet potato pie recipe includes ingredients as thawed puff pastry at room temperature, nutmeg-y filling, teaspoon vanilla extract, heavy cream, and other savory options. You can combine some ingredients in a large bowl, mixing bowl, or the bowl of an electric mixer. You can cook it in a pie pan or otherwise in a tart pan, just as any other fruit pie.

The Vegan Potato Pie Recipe                                                                  

There’s a vegetarian version of this traditional dish where meat is replaced with grains as lentils. Then, you can elevate the flavor with tomato paste and cold water as gravy, seasonings as black pepper, garlic clove, fresh dill, Worcestershire sauce, olive oil,.. just as you do with green salads. Of course, you have to include boiled potatoes as the main ingredient.     

Best Irish Potato Pie Recipes

Best Irish Potato Pie Recipe

The following list of Irish potato pie recipes is so versatile that it fits all personal tastes. From pure vegan recipes to those with lamb or beef, these Irish potato pies will definitely have you nail it on St. Patrick's Day and any other special day.

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Best Irish Potato Pie Recipe; 15+ to Try

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