Best Diets for 2021
Health & Fitness - January 1, 2021

2021 Diet Trends

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This year I turn 50! After a year of gaining Covid pounds, social distancing, and stress eating, turning 50 years-old is a game changer, not just in motherhood, but in taking care of myself. Taking care of my health and diet at 50 is a necessity. My days of all nighters and living off of pasta, cigarettes and coffee have been over for a while.

It’s time to get healthy for 2021 and get rid of the quarantine pounds. Dieting after Covid is going to interesting!

John Hall Photography
John Hall Photography

Modeling triggered years worth of food and body issues for me. It took a long time for me to finally respect by body. Years of counting fat grams and obsessively weighing myself daily finally came to an end after I had children.

Now I believe in living a stress free life. That doesn’t mean my life is not stress free though. This year Covid-19 took a toll on my diet. I really wanted to eat healthy but social distancing, homeschooling during Covid-19 and finding activities to keep them busy put me in a downward spiral for a while. I am a stress eater but I still manage to take my vitamins and an amazing

I’ve done weight watchers and Keto; both successfully. But as with any diet, one must ask the basics; Is it sustainable? Do you feel nourished and energetic? Do you get enough nutrients? Is it a good diet for pregnancy? Can I breastfeed while on it?

With all these new diets, it’s hard to know which is better, low carb or keto or keto vs low fat? How do you know if the Keto diet is really effective for weight loss?

I’ve heard of Noom, which is based on psychology, but comes with mixed reviews. I recently took a food dna analysis and found my recommended Macronutrient intake by submitting my DNA. This was very helpful to find out what foods I am more compatible with.

After taking the DNA analysis, it turns out that dieting for my genes requires that I eat up to 60% carbs! Woohoo! (complex carbs like fruits, starches and starchy grains). This is far from the Keto diet I’ve been doing! I need more healthy fat and less protein. It gave me a list of foods to eat for my genes, so I’m excited!

For the last 9 months, life has been difficult in every aspect. My mental health has been affected. I use a meditation app but I needed something specifically for weight loss as I was emotional eating non stop.

I love this video by Blue Sky Hypnosis. It’s just 50 minutes and I fall asleep listening to it. I feel like it has helped with with impulse eating.

Below are the best diets for 2021. I’m not expert but I know experts who have experienced these diets. These are their stories.

Best Diets fort 2021

  • Whole Food Plant Based Diet (WFPB)
  • 3 Day Egg Fast
  • Real Food
  • 21 Day No Sugar Diet
  • Paleo
  • Vegan
  • Keto
  • AIP
  • THM
  • Gluten Free
  • High Protein Vegetarian
  • Mediterranean

Best Diets for 2021

Best diets for 2021

Best Diets for 2021

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  1. I love learning about all of these different diets. PINNED! Thank you for including my information on going gluten free. My heart is full of gratitude. Hugs, Holly

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