137 Best Christmas Cookie Recipes: Decorative and Delicious!
cookies - November 22, 2023

If you’re looking for the best Christmas Cookie Recipes, you will find them right here!

The holiday season is just around the corner! So, you’re surfing the internet looking for the Best Christmas cookie recipes out there. Let’s cut the chase and save you both time and effort, as I’ve got you covered… From Russian Tea Cakes to Gingerbread Cookies, and everything in between.

Before we indulge in the world of sweets, allow me to share my favorite holiday cookies. First come to the meringue cookies, then chocolate crinkle cookies, followed by peanut butter blossoms, and of course molasses cookies. On a scale from 1 to 10, how tasty are they?

Now, Christmas cookies are a classic staple during the holidays. Whether it’s a family tradition or simply a favorite treat, baking and decorating Christmas cookies will surely put you in the holiday spirit!

You’re only a few steps away from catching the holiday spirit. So, the basic equipment to practice your skills with these Christmas cookie recipes is just sitting in the kitchen pantry. In case some of them are missing, run to your nearest supermarket and grab everything you need before the fun begins.

Here’s a list for inspiration:

Now it’s bake time!

Are You a Crumbly Cookies or Chewy Cookies Fan?

A never-ending debate, some people say that cookies are made to be crumbly and crunchy, while others prefer mouth-melting chewy cookies from the inside with crisp edges.

These classic cookie recipes are so delicious that you will eat the whole batch, so try to cook an extra batch for snacking. Trust me, the best Christmas cookie recipes will fascinate everyone at your family and friends gathering.

Why Home Baked Christmas Cookie Recipes?

The Christmas season is one of the most hectic times of the year, requiring a lot of shopping, preparations, and advanced planning. Opting for store-bought cookies sounds less complicated and easier. However, nothing beats baking in the comfort of your cozy home, and has its benefits.

Revive your childhood

No matter how many candles you blow on your birthday cake, your inner child will always keep you young at heart.

Just like games night, you can plan a baking night where everyone takes part in preparing holiday cookies. For instance, you knead the dough beforehand and let the kids take on the decorations using dark chocolate, chocolate chips, white chocolate, sugar powder, or even cream cheese frosting.

Bake Christmas cookie recipes competition

Spend some quality time with your family

The best part about Christmas is the time you get to spend with your loved ones. It’s all about family and gatherings. Keep that in mind!

Christmas Cookies

A list of fun, Holiday and Christmas cookies

Let’s put the best Christmas cookie recipes to the ultimate taste test, my favorite part since I was a little girl!

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