Best Vegan Beauty Products for Gifts
December 14, 2019

Last year I posted my favorite Vegan Holiday Beauty items. Not much has changed since then. I still love Bella Organics and EO Products and my favorite SPF 20 face moisturizer is still No B.S. Face Moisturizer With SPF 20. But this year I have found the best vegan makeup brands for holiday gifting for 2019. I'm so excited to tell you about the best eye brightener, the best beauty serum foundation, amazing vegan lip balms and beautiful vegan lipsticks. I know you will love all of these organic beauty items and I guarantee they make a great beauty gift! I don't know a single person that would say no to vegan and cruelty free beauty products. Lumene Invisible Illumination …

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How to Pull off a Natural Makeup Look when Pushing 50
October 31, 2019

Ah, that big scary number "50" is no longer scary to me. These days 50 is the new 35ish.  I loved Giorgio Armani Beauty when I was 35 years-old and I love it now that I am 47 years-old. I'm not afraid of 50! But I am a firm believer that every woman over 40 should wear Giorgio Armani Beauty.  Because, let's face it; that youthful glow we took advantage of when we were younger slips away as we age.  It's just part of the process.  We can do all the masks and peels but in the end Giorgio Armani's signature "Armani Glow" brings it back.  For good. I am a "no makeup" makeup kind of gal. I wear makeup that looks like I am not …

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Back to School Beauty Essentials for Mommies
August 29, 2019

Written by Emily McDaniel Alright Mommies… So, I am not sure about you all, but we are a few weeks into school and I’m feeling a tad overwhelmed. The new schedule, homework, the food prep, and just getting used to being on the go 24/7 is making me feel crazy. So, I decided to take some time for myself… minimal time that is and practice a little self-care. I’ve always been into skin care so I decided to try a new exfoliator and a seaweed mask. As I was doing that; I noticed how yellow my teeth were so I couldn’t wait to try this amazing teeth whitener. And to top it off it’s been 110° here in Phoenix so I’ve decided to give a new deodorant …

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7 Things I Love About This Plant Based Skin Care - Salt by Hendrix
August 15, 2019

It’s pretty hard not to hear about plant based skin care products… I mean, they’re everywhere. It’s Ashlee again from Simplholistic and I’m stoked to share the 7 things I love about the newest brand of plant based skin care products I recently tried out from the van. Salt by Hendrix’s products are clean - like really clean - come in glass and are simple to travel with. Let’s go! 1. The ingredients are fabulous It’s easy to list this as my number one thing I love about these plant based skin care products from Salt by Hendrix.  Without any carrageenan, xanthan gum, polysorbate or parabens, they rank up pretty high on my short list of recommended beauty products. Instead, they use ingredients like Grapefruit oil, Jojoba …

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BALLSY Premiers a "Keep Your Tools Clean" Box for Father's Day
June 6, 2019

So, this year I did not come up with a gift guide for dads.  I did, however come up with a DIY Father's Day Crafts post. That's the best I could do with 5 and 7 year-old boys.  At this point there's only so much fragrance, tool sets and BBQ paraphernalia you can give a man.  My father and my husband have everything they need.  We are down to giving hats for Father's Day. It's hot here in Arizona and we are hiding inside! You can always do with a hat. Right? Right......But, I found the most practical and hilarious gift to give them this year.  It will be a game changer and a starter. How about a gift that sends a ? Let’s face it …

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How to Get Rid of Grey Roots in 2 Seconds
April 18, 2019

This is a Sponsored post.  There are also affiliate links which means that if you click on a link and purchase something, I will receive commission. When did your hair start turning grey? I just turned 48 years-old and I have terrible grey roots.  But the truth is that I inherited my ashy grey roots from my Greek father many years ago; about 25 years-old.  He was fully grey at around the same age as me. So, I have had to battle with grey hair for many years until I found Gray Away.   My poor hair has been dyed and fried from all the salon appointments.  Recently,  I decided I was not going to put my hair through this anymore and letting my hair grow out …

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Why Christian Dior Lip Maximizer is the Best Lip Plumper on the Market
February 24, 2019

Hello my name is Lucee and I'm a plumpaholic.  I am powerless over lip plumpers.  I can't stop. When I worked at the "store that takes back everything," customers would ask me what made my lips look so plump. So I would sell them four items because a) that's what I was wearing and b) I was a great sales person.  But the Dior Lip Maximizer (collagen active lip-gloss) was the most important lip plumping product. You see, along with the lip liner, the lipstick, and the gloss the Maximizer played a key role in the look of my fabulous plump lips.  It plumped out the little creases and made them look smooth and full which also gave an illusion that they were bigger. …

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