December 16, 2015

These days I don't have time to do make up, much less apply eyeshadow and lipstick.  I'm lucky if I can put on some tinted lipbalm and mascara on while Oliver, my two year old is turning the bathroom lights on and off.  No doubt I will miss these days but it's a great day if i walk out of the house with some makeup on! That's why I wanted to try Prestige Cosmetics Total Intensity Lip Crayons and the Total Intensity EyeShadow Crayons.  I just don't have time to do all the extras and these made it seem like I could possibly put some makeup on for once in a jiffy. The Total Wear Shadow Sticks come in six colors Jungle War, Purple Rain, …

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October 29, 2015

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive commission. It can be a challenge to sit for a few minutes when you have two kids.   I took ToGospa to a hotel with me and didn't have a chance to use any of the products!  What was I thinking? Ha! But guess what?  There is still my bedroom.  I waited until my younger son took a nap and my older son was in bed watching Sesame Street. "Mommy, what do you have on your eyes?" Henri said to me. I just giggled.  The masks feel so refreshing;  all three of them! I received the ToGoSpa Eye Masks in my ToGoSpa Society benefit box to try and boy did I need …

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Ecco Bella Makeup
July 9, 2015

I stumbled upon Ecco Bella beauty products online and what I gathered at first glimpse was that it was an organic makeup line; mineral and plant based.  I have come across many "natural" and "organic" makeup lines lately but the one thing that I found with Ecco Bella beauty products was its philosophy on compassion towards animals.  Sure, they all say their products are "cruelty-free" but Ecco Bella takes it a step further.   It's about compassion towards all living creatures and nature as a whole.  I do not have to be Vegan to understand that.  Compassion is an act, not just a feeling.  The opposite of compassion is indifference or cruelty.  Ecco Bella has a history and you can see why compassion is so …

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Raw Sugar Living
June 25, 2015

There are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you click on something and purchase it, I will receive commission. I love sugar.  Let me rephrase:  If it's raw sugar I'm in! I will not hesitate about anything when it comes to raw sugar.  Put it in my coffee.  Yes, please!  Exfoliate my skin.  Oh yeah!  I am a firm believer in adding raw sugar to EVERYTHING.  Life is just a lot sweeter that way. But what about life? Such intense thoughts I'm having at not even 11:00 in the morning.  I think I need another right back. Okay, I'm back with coffee in hand.  Let's continue this conversation (ahem, review) about raw sugar.  Well, it's really about Raw Sugar Living.  Confused? Don't be.  I …

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Mad Hippie Advanced Skin Care
June 9, 2015

I had no idea when I received these products that I was going to love them so much.  Sure, the packaging is adorable and it's alluring but I wasn't prepared to enjoy them as much as I did.  Sure, they are all natural, cruelty free and vegan.  But I have never come across such delicious smelling organic skincare as I did when I tried the Face Cream,Vitamin C Serum and the Vitamin A Serum.  I am hooked!!!! Can I please bathe in these? They need to come out with body products as well!!! So the first item I tried was the Vitamin C Serum. I am fully aware of the benefits of vitamin C for the face.  It helps protect the skin from the damaging effects …

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Bella Organics
April 22, 2015

When I worked in retail I had many customers asking for organic skincare and body products.  It was frustrating to have people walk up to me with a list of ingredients to look for in my products.  They would walk away disappointed.  I almost took it personally.  But now that I have children so I understand.  I can't do all organic, but if I have an opportunity to use organic produce and skincare, I will.  I spent many summers in Greece where my father had a farm and we lived off of fresh feta and fresh eggs.  The produce tasted different back then.  Actually, the fact that the produce tasted like something is what I took for granted when I moved to the States.  There …

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Diorskin Nude Air Serum Foundation and Healthy Glow Powders
February 9, 2015

Anyone that knows me knows that I like the "no makeup" look.  I love makeup but I don't like a lot on me.  I love that fresh, young, radiant look. I'm always chasing it.  And if I can have it all- I will.  I'm turning 44 in just a couple weeks and I continue to get compliments on my skin.  But I love a natural glow. So pretty.  And to make sure I achieve that, my long time friend Robert Steven Munoz, Dior Show Artist recommended Dior Nude Air Serum Foundation and the Healthy Glow Powders. Dior introduces Oxygen Activ™ technology -a combination of hyperoxygenated oil, cranberry oil, vitamins and minerals that breathes vital enery into the complextion. To compliment and mattify the foundation is the Diorskin …

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