Things to do at Bearizona Wildlife Park
Arizona - February 16, 2021

bearizona entrance

The pandemic really has us spinning last year. We are a family that loves to travel and our traveling was cut short because of Covid-19.

Even though we did some traveling while remote learning, we still didn’t do our usual zoo visits, play dates and theme parks. We mostly focused on backyard activities and having road trips within Arizona, like Sedona and Flagstaff.

My favorite place to stay in Sedona is Sky Ranch Lodge. If you’re looking for a family vacation rental, you may want to try Wyndham Sedona. There are lots of things to do in Flagstaff also.

boy leaning on tree

Just a hop, skip, and a jump away from Sedona and Flagstaff is the best drive thru Wildlife Park in Arizona, Bearizona. Bearizona is a family-friendly attraction in north central Arizona near Williams.

Visitors can see live bears, wolves, mountain lions and other wildlife up close at this natural habitat preserve. This non-profit nature park was founded by Frank and Pat Jones who wanted to provide families with the opportunity to enjoy seeing these animals in their natural habitat.

The park is the only park of its kind, has an interactive museum which includes animal dioramas that depict how different species interact with one another.

It also offers information about each animal’s habitats and behavior patterns. Some of the features include live condors, wildebeests, cheetahs, African lions and more!

There are lots of things to do at Bearizona Wildlife Park, from watching live music, to eating at Canyonlands restaurant or watching a Birds of Prey show.

A drive thru is perfect for this pandemic situation. You can see the most beautiful animals of the world right at your fingertips, crossing the streets in front of you. It’s amazing to see them in their natural environments.

two donkeys walking in the forest

Bearizona Wildlife Park


Bearizona Wildlife Park is located in Northern Arizona, amongst the Kaibab National Forest. It is one hour south of the Grand Canyon’s South Rim, 30 minutes west of Flagstaff, and three hours southeast of Las Vegas, NV.

donkey in a forest

Who Can Drive Through?

Bearizona drive thru wildlife park is approximately 160 acres. The park can accommodate most modes of transportation, including cars and RV’s. We drove through more than three miles of Ponderosa Pine Forest. As you drive slowly through the lush forest, you will see North American animals in natural habitats.

You may see some bighorn sheep, majestic bison and other wild animals.

Check out the Wild Ride Bus Tour!

band playing outside at bearizona

More animals are exhibited in Fort Bearizona, a beautiful 20-acre walk-thru area. We saw live music and there was plenty of space for the kids to run throughout this “zoo” type setting.

black bear
Adult Black Bear


There are many animals roaming around Bearizona like the black bear, White Bison, Arctic Wolves, Rocky Mountain Elk, African Crested Porcupine, and one of my favorites, The North American River Otter. There is a portion of the park where I saw beautiful jaguars up close.

There is also a lot of American wildlife and smaller animals.

boy next to tree with sign that says enter at your own risk

Bearizona is a member of the Zoological Association of America as well as the American Association of Zoo Keepers.

Bearizona collage

If you’re looking for a fun and educational family vacation, look no further than Bearizona. This chain of parks features live animal demonstrations as well as the opportunity to interact with different types of animals like bears, wolves, mountain lions and more.

You can even get your photo taken behind bars! One thing that makes this location so great is that it offers something for everyone in the family from 5 years old to 95 years old.

Families will love exploring all that Arizona has to offer at one of these locations near their hometowns or during a trip across America’s Southwest region.

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