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For Bloggers - June 2, 2019

Are you a travel, beauty, parenting or keto/low carb recipe blogger or just someone who loves to share great information? We might be able to help each other! How about writing a guest post for I have a social reach of 85k and 600 monthly viewers on Pinterest.

Note: This opportunity is only for bloggers and hopeful writers. If you are looking for a link back to a for-profit site than that would be a sponsored post, not a guest post. If that is something you would like to speak about please contact me by email at

What Kind of Posts We Are Looking For?

We all have hidden gems in our own home towns. I want to hear why your area is so great! What’s your favorite beauty product? (no multilevel please) or favorite keto recipe? A post may be about any of the following topics-

  • Individual Events
  • Local Attractions
  • Museums
  • Recreation either indoors or out
  • Festivals or Fairs
  • Any large local event that would interest our readers.
  • Travel within the US
  • Travel outside the US
  • Things that no one knows about
  • Local’s guides to your area
  • Day trips or Weekend trips near your city
  • Self-guided walking tours
  • Beauty
  • DIY crafts
  • Recipes
  • Nutrition
  • Over 40 Topics

Here is what a guest post needs

Your guest post should sell me the topic or event- Use descriptive words to draw the reader into your world. I want them to be able to visualize what you are talking about.

Your guest post should be extremely informative – Write like they are coming to visit and have never been there. That will be true of 99% of those who read your post.  So give full and complete information with links, more on that below.

Your guest post should include photos – The minimum is 2 the maximum is 6. The limit is put on to stress the importance of the most useful photos.

Your guest post should be between 1,000 – 1,500 words. In rare cases, shorter/longer posts may be allowed it will be at our sole discretion and that is if the topic warrants it.

Your blog post should be unpublished –we ask that you not send already published works and that you wait at least two weeks before you post it on your site or elsewhere.

Your blog post should be your own work- All submissions should be the work of the person submitting them. Mid-Life Milestones will not be held liable if you are copyright infringing. When you sign the Guest Blogger Agreement you are agreeing that any submission is your own work.

Your blog post should contain no more than 5 links to your own siteWe invite you to add up to 5 links wherever you like so that you may reap the SEO benefits of guest posting! Any links that you include need to be directly related to the topic of the post being submitted. Well also happily link to your social media; just include the ones you want in your bio which will appear at the end of you post, more on that below.

Your blog post should include relevant links to other sites. If you are listing a business or attraction in your post, you need to include a link to their website and their physical address. You should be providing enough information to warrant a few links! Don’t be concerned that it will dilute the effectiveness of your post. Search engines love relevant links because it means that you are providing informative and useful content.

Images & Video

We welcome images and/or video to accompany submitted guest posts. The goal of images and video is to transport the readers to a new place.

Your guest post images must:

  • Be directly relevant to the post content.
  • Be in full color.
  • Be your own or you must have the right to use the images and/or video and allow us to use them.
  • We prefer that images not include people. If you do decide to include people please have their permission to do so. Any content submitted (such as pictures) that are posted on by a user can be used on the MomJunky Blog or social media platforms.

Image requirements

  • Only these image formats will be accepted .jpg, .gif or .png file
  • All images must meet our size/quality requirements:
    • Any dark or grainy photos will not be used.
    • Feature image (Required): width of 800px and a height of 600px.
    • Large Image (Optional): 800px and a height of 600px.
    • Video’s should be between 1 – 4 minutes including credits

Please note that we will try to limit edits to your post as much as possible. Whenever possible you will be asked to edit before we make our own changes. However, we do reserve the right to make changes that will fit the tone or narrative flow of your post to suit our site. We also reserve the right to add affiliate links.


We are pleased to give you credit as the author of your post. We want our readers to get to know you! You are asked to provide a short bio about yourself and your site. Also, this is where you can plug your social media! Your bio will appear at the end of your blog post.

We ask that you not include any affiliate links in your bio. The only links allowed are to your own site or social media platforms. Any affiliate links will be removed.

Headshots are a great addition to the bio, this is optional not a requirement. If you do provide a photo of yourself please keep it to a headshot and follow the image requirements listed above.

If we use your guest post, you may promote it on your own website, Facebook, Twitter or other social media platforms. Promoting does not mean you post the entire article on these forums. You may include a link to your guest post and a short sentence or two explaining what the article is about.

Submitting your post

You must agree to our Guest Blogger Agreement as part of the submission process.

You understand not all submissions will be selected for publication. We expect to receive more submissions than we are able to use. Additionally, we may reject submissions that don’t meet our guidelines or we otherwise feel are not a good fit with our blog.

You will please not contact us to request the status of your submission. If your piece is selected, we will try to provide you with notice at least one week before the date we intend to publish your blog post and social media post so that you are available to monitor and answer questions or comments on each post.

You understand that we do not pay for submissions. If you decide to submit a post, you do so with the knowledge that you will not be entitled to any compensation for writing the post or for any other compensation related to the post.

You will make us aware of any actual or potential conflict of interest in connection with your submission.

You are aware that all submissions must be reviewed and approved by us prior to publication.

By Submitting this form you are agreeing to the above requirements to be a guest blogger with MomJunky and will adhere to all rules and regulations. Once you have submitted the form below you will be contacted by email letting you know that your idea is under review. All submissions may be emailed to If your post is accepted you will be notified as to when it will be published. If for some reason your submission is not accepted you will be notified of that also and will be given the reasons that chose not to use your post. Please follow the guidelines above and stay within the topic suggestions and you should be fine!  Thank you for wanting to work with! If you have additional questions you may contact me through


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