143 Banana Dessert Recipes that are Easy to Make
Desserts & Sweets - April 13, 2023

Banana desserts are a great way to use up overripe bananas in your kitchen! Whether you’re looking for a simple banana bread recipe or something more creative, these easy banana dessert recipes will have your taste buds singing. From classic favorites like banana pudding and banana cream pie to indulgent treats like banana-stuffed french toast and chocolate chip banana bread, you’re sure to find a favorite new way to enjoy the sweet flavor of bananas.

Using Frozen Bananas for Easy Banana Dessert Recipes

Frozen bananas make a great base for smoothies and other creamy desserts. They’re also great for ice cream! Blend frozen banana slices with chocolate chips, brown sugar, and your favorite milk or yogurt to create thick and delicious banana milkshakes. Or use them in place of fresh bananas in your favorite cake, muffin, or cookie.

Using Whole Wheat Flour

Whole wheat flour adds great flavor and texture to your favorite banana desserts. Combine whole wheat flour, spices, and chopped walnuts to make a delicious crumb topping for banana pudding or banana cream pie. Or try adding it to your favorite banana bread recipe for an extra-healthy boost.

Banana Desserts

Find the best collection of Banana Desserts here. These recipes are delicious, quick, and healthy.

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