Back Yard Activities to keep the Kids busy During Quarantine
Kids - April 16, 2020

4 images of outside activities

It’s getting hot here in Arizona, but the kids can’t get enough of being outside. With the Covid-19 quarantine, they welcome any time outside to ride their bike or go hiking. 

This is where we have to start getting creative.  Trying to keep kids busy during quarantine has become a task. Back yard activities are the way to go to keep kids safe from Covid-19 and keep them quarantined without them going stir crazy! I love some fun water toys for the backyard! But I also found some fantastic back yard activities from some very creative bloggers like bird feeders, painting a birdhouse, garden rocks or flower pots. Check them out below!




Learn about Pollinators; Bees, Butterflies and Birds + Free Activity Printable


Kool-Aid Volcanic Eruptions!

by the

colored paint sticks

Paint Stick Garden Markers


k cups filled with soil and seeds

Planting A K Cup Garden!


How to Make an Easy Simple Bird Feeder with Kids


child looking at chalk on the floor

How To Make Chalk At Home


kids holding bottles filled with colored goo

Which back yard activity are you going to do?

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