July 13, 2015

A shop for hand made baby items I discovered this very talented mother and grandmother on Etsy.  When I saw the baby clothes that she created, I literally gasped with amazement.  I had to know more about this woman, Montse Galceran.  So I messaged her and found we had similar paths as children.  We traveled alot.   She immigrated to Australia as a child with her parents after living in Germany for a couple years.  When she was sixteen, they went back to A Coruña, Spain where she resides now. Montse Galceran  is not only a seamstress, she is an artist.  She has been perfecting her craft for 33 years, learning how to make industrial scaled patterns.   At twenty years old, she had her first daughter who …

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Fresh Baby
July 2, 2015

Am I the only one that feels like it's a full time job just to get my son to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner?  He wants to snack all day and it's not on veggies!  I can't tell you how many times I have tried different meals, sneaking veggies in them, only to fail one more time and waste food and eventually go back to chicken nuggets (mommies bff). So I was excited to try out some products from Fresh Baby.  It is an awesome site that helps parents and kids learn about healthy eating and the importance of activities.  Fresh Baby encourages parents, giving them tools to help them reduce a child's risk of obesity. They offer books with recipes, a newsletter and information …

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Bella Organics
April 22, 2015

When I worked in retail I had many customers asking for organic skincare and body products.  It was frustrating to have people walk up to me with a list of ingredients to look for in my products.  They would walk away disappointed.  I almost took it personally.  But now that I have children so I understand.  I can't do all organic, but if I have an opportunity to use organic produce and skincare, I will.  I spent many summers in Greece where my father had a farm and we lived off of fresh feta and fresh eggs.  The produce tasted different back then.  Actually, the fact that the produce tasted like something is what I took for granted when I moved to the States.  There …

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timi & leslie Classic Tote in Serengeti
April 19, 2015

There's a reason why this is called the Classic Tote bag! This style never goes out of style. It looks good dressed up or on the way to the gym.  It fits in anywhere, as a diaper bag or regular bag.  You just can't tell.  It comes in three great colors, London, Serengeti and Soho.  It's made from smooth, durable nylon with vegan faux leather accents (PVC free) and custom hardware in an antique brass finish. The Classic Tote bag is really spacious and deceiving in how much you can put inside.  Most diaper bags are clunky and large.  This one is not and holds as much as any other diaper bag and then some. Besides being versatile in style, it is also versatile …

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Timi & Leslie Marie Antoinette 7-piece Diaper Set Bag
January 29, 2015

I am so excited to be reviewing this amazing diaper bag by Timi & Leslie.  I have a hard time calling it a diaper bag because it feels like I'm carrying "my bag."  It is the lightest diaper bag I've ever carried at 1.35lbs.  I love the quilted look and the antique brass finishes. It's really my style but when I look at all their other totes, I could fall in love with all of them. There's something for everyone.  They are all functional and fashionable, unique and stylish.  The material is water resistant and so easy to wipe if it gets dirty (yes, I've already got it dirty). It has two exterior pockets, suitable for bottles and has six interior pockets.  It also has …

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