Three Fears On Parenting Two Children
October 30, 2014

Good morning friends. As you can see most of my posts are about my children. Yes, they are growing up to be Facebook, Twitter, and blog babies.  I wish I could of had a day to day picture of what my life was like 43 years ago. So, with that being said I will tell you my three biggest fears on being a parent to two children. I am too old  I won't love the older one as much as the younger one  The older one will not be happy with someone to share my attention with I am reflecting on this because this morning I was doing the usual, packing my 3 year old's lunch and making the  breakfast while downing a cup of coffee. …

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Ergobaby Carrier
October 16, 2014

I regrettably did not get this for my first son.  I used a cheaper product and even though it was recommended to use a carrier for his torticollis, I quickly gave up.  I had two big boys 9+ lbs, so by the time I had the energy to put them in a carrier they were much heavier.  I needed something soft and light because I live in Florida and it's so humid and hot.  This carrier is dreamy.  It's comfortable and easy to put on.  I feel like my back is supported and not pulled in different directions.  No more fumbling!  I don't ever want to take my son out, I feel so connected with him when he is in his Ergobaby. They come in eight …

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Munchkin Snack Catcher
October 13, 2014

I wasn't going to post this product because I thought that most mommies MUST know about it, right?  But not me.  I was not that mommy who was in the know about everything when my first son was born and I'm still not the mother that googles the best of everything.  Some things, yes.  I have plenty of friends with toddlers but didn't see this product until my son was about one and a half. I was outside a kids play center and saw a woman trying to maneuver her twin boys.  They were all over the place.  She was clearly overwhelmed and I noticed that she was an "older mother" like myself.  We chatted while we waited for the place to open and I saw …

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ReSqueeze Reusable Food Pouch 6 oz. (4-pack)
October 10, 2014

I had two BIG baby boys.  These kids are hungry.  So with baby number two I decided to make more of the baby food and store it in the freezer.  But what about if I leave the house?  The requeezable reusable food pounches are awesome.  The best thing about them is that you can fit six ounces of food inside.  Because those of you with two kids know that one always wants what the other has! All of a sudden my toddler likes applesausce again.  But only in the pouch of course.  So this was a great solution to feeding both of my kids because it holds enough food.  The only thing I would change is the seal where you put the food inside.  If …

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How To Make Easy, Thoughtful, Last Minute Teacher's Gifts
October 2, 2014

I needed to come up with a gift for my son's teachers within a couple of days.  I was also on a budget.  But I wanted it to mean something.  I wanted to put some love into the gift.  Anyone can go to Marshall's and get a box of chocolates for someone.  Or go to $tarbuck$ and get a gift card.  How much thought goes into that?  So I went to Michael's and bought mason jars.  FYI, I have a small obsession with mason jars.  Then I went to Ross and purchased some delicious caramel gourmet popcorn.  I had some pink and purple Jelly Bellies I had left over from a baby shower I was putting on.  I mixed it all up inside the jars. …

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California Baby Sunblock Stick
October 2, 2014

Fragrance free.  SPF 30.  Great for sensitive skin.  I use it on my toddler, my infant and sometimes myself.  Great to have in diaper bag for on the go.  We live in sunny Florida and I never know when we might need a touch up.  It might seem a little pricey but lasts forever.  You don't use that much since it's a stick and not a lotion.  A little goes a long way.  Retails at $15. click here for a looksy

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Why the MZ Wallace Kate Bedford Nylon Bag is the Best Diaper Bag
September 19, 2014

There are affiliate links in this post, which means that if you click on a link and purchase something, I will receive commission. The MZ Wallace Kate Bedford Nylon Bag is the best diaper bag EVAH! It's one of the 5 Holiday Items all Mommies Want. This bag is so beautiful, it doesn't matter if you use it as a hand bag, a travel bag, gym bag or diaper bag.  You can't tell it's a diaper bag.  It has two side bottle pockets, three pockets in the front and one large pocket in the back (I use for diapers and wipes).  It also has ten pockets inside, including compartments for bottles that fit perfectly.  It has leather trim and gold hardware that gives it a chic …

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Rosebud Salve
September 14, 2014

This little gem is useful for so many things;  chapped lips, dry elbows, burns and even diaper rash.  I've also used it on my sons sore nose when he has a cold.  There is also a strawberry flavor and a minted rose flavor but since I use it for so many things, i'd rather not have my elbows smelling like strawberries or my sons little bum smelling like mint rose.  I keep one for myself to use at night, one in the diaper bag, and one in my sons room.  The best $6 I've ever spent!  Available at Sephora.   Click here for a looksy

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Mammas & Pappas Sola Stroller
September 12, 2014

I left our stroller in Arizona when we were there visiting.  "Darn! I guess we have to get a new stroller!" I said to my husband.  I tried to pretend that it was a travesty. "I can't believe this happened!"   I said, acting infuriated.  But  I was done with the old stroller.  It did it's time and we loved it but our son was now about one and a half and was ready for something different.  Or WE were ready for something different.  So of course we were not that torn up when we realized that we forgot to put it in the car.  By the way, it made it's way back from Az when my mom visited for the birth of our second …

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