Anxiety: Bang Bang – Episode 4 by H. D. Thomson
Free Daily Books - January 12, 2015

910aBLK9r5L._SL1500_A Tale of Murder, Mystery and Romance (Anxiety: A Smoke and Mirrors Book) [Kindle Edition]

Author note: It seems with each year it gets more difficult to find that time to read a book because of how hectic life gets, so on that thought, I decided to break up Anxiety into 6 quick episodes which can be read while waiting in line or at a doctor or dentist’s office.

Each episode will be released in 2 week intervals.

Author Warning: This episode also ends with a cliffhanger.

Since her brother’s death, Margot has found her salvation at the bottom of a wine bottle. Though, when someone she knows is murdered and she almost gets herself killed by her own foolhardiness, Margot can no longer hide behind a haze of alcohol. Jake forces her to see that if she doesn’t pull herself together, she’s liable to get herself killed. Jake appears to have her best interests at heart, but does she dare trust him? She suspects he has ulterior motives, and much to her horror, she discovers what dark secret Jake has been hiding.

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