Amazing DIY Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipes
Desserts & Sweets - November 1, 2023

I found some great hot chocolate recipes with amazing DIY hot cocoa bombs that will blow your mind! These recipes are so much fun and are easy enough for everyone to learn how to make hot cocoa bombs.

Chocolate cocoa bombs collage for DIY Hot Cocoa Bombs recipes

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I’ve never been a big fan of hot chocolate unless it’s made with real cocoa and milk. I don’t like the instant cocoa you get from coffee shops or the cocoa you mix with water. No thank you.

But when I heard about this new thing called DIY Hot Chocolate Bombs, I was intrigued.

I love that they are fresh hot cocoa bombs, using real, melted chocolate. I love the amount of time and creativity put into them and I think that hot chocolate bombs are great gifts and would brighten up any ones day and taste buds!

I jumped on the Cocoa Bomb wagon with all the Tik Tokers and made some of my own. My favorite are the Christmas Cocoa Bombs, but I also love the Proposal Cocoa Bombs because it comes with a little surprise in it, also like my Valentine’s Cocoa Bomb.

I found some fantastic ideas using candy melts and hot chocolate mix and just took it from there!

How to Make Hot Cocoa Bombs

Hot chocolate bombs are the hot cocoa treat as seen on TikTok. These chocolate spheres are an easy DIY project that you can make as a delicious homemade gift to give this holiday season. Check out this easy DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb by For more hot chocolate bombs recipes scroll down to the bottom.

Things you May Need to Make Hot Chocolate Bombs

Different Kinds of Hot Cocoa Bombs

There are different kinds of hot chocolate bombs, using different types of melting chocolate or chocolate bars; here are the different types.

Alcoholic Hot Cocoa Bombs


Baileys Hot Chocolate Bombs  recipe with green sprinkles
  • – A delectable chocolate outer shell and boozy Irish cream hot cocoa mix inside, these Bailey’s Hot Chocolate Bombs are deliciously creamy when added to your mug of hot milk.


 Kahlua Hot Chocolate Bombs recipe – Chocolate and Kahlua are a classic combination and these Kahlua Hot Chocolate Bombs don’t disappoint! Hot cocoa mixed with Kahlua liqueur in a chocolate sphere creates a perfectly smooth cup of hot chocolate on a cold night.

Bombs with White Chocolate Drizzle

Hot chocolate in a white mug with DIY hot cocoa bombs
  • – Hot chocolate bombs are fun to make and even more fun to watch disappear in a cup of hot milk! The most decadent cup of hot chocolate you’ll ever drink! If you’ve seen the viral exploding hot chocolate bomb videos on Tik Tok—-these are it!
chocolate balls in wrapper with white drizzle
  • recipesfromapantry – Hot Chocolate Bombs are a melty magical treat that transforms into a steaming mug of hot cocoa right before your eyes. Bursting with explosive flavor, a chocolate bomb is the perfect edible gift this Christmas, or any holiday.

Hot Chocolate Bomb with Sprinkles

Holiday Hot chocolate with marshmallows in a mug
  • -the same as a basic hot chocolate bomb but add sprinkles, candy or crushed candy cane.

Basic Hot Chocolate Bomb

How to make Hot Chocolate Bombs
  • – Follow this recipe to make your basic hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows. You will love how easy they are to make!

Hot Chocolate Bombs filled with Surprises

valentine's Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipes

Gluten Free Hot Chocolate Bombs

hot chocolate bombs with dusted cocoa on top
  • – These simple hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows are naturally gluten free. She also includes directions for creating flavored hot cocoa bombs


vegan Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipes
  • HappyFoodHealthyLife – Your hot chocolate will never be the same! These Vegan Hot Chocolate Bombs are a fun and exciting way to enjoy a deliciously creamy winter drink.


paleao Hot Cocoa Bombs Recipes

Paleo Cocoa Bombs – These are so fun and easy! Fill them with your favorite fillings for one delicious and unforgettable hot chocolate experience.

More DIY Recipes for Hot Chocolate Bombs

I love all the unique DIY recipes for Hot Cocoa Bombs so I wanted to include some of these talented recipe makers to my list.

Cocoa Bombs

Best hot chocolate bombs

Can’t wait to see what you make!

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