Active Arcade for Gamers to Get up and Move
Fun - January 3, 2022

I found a fantastic app called Active Arcade for gamers to get up and move. This isn’t exercising; this is playing!

woman playing active arcade in living room

This is a sponsored post for Active Arcade. However, all opinions are mine.

Gaming is something I never understood. I dabbled in it when I was younger and played tetris once in a while but I never understood the obsession.

Then I had two boys. They weren’t introduced to gaming for a long time but when they finally were, all bets were off.

I had to put timers on the game playing with their Nintendo Switch. I found that game consoles weren’t healthy for them. I’d rather they get up and play outside or something more active.

These days, with them staying home more, the obsession has intensified, although we are still very strict about how much time they play. They know to put the timer on for 20 minutes.

two boys playing active arcade

So, when we found Active Arcade, we were super excited to try something that was similar to gaming, but used your own body as the controller. Which ultimately made you move. Therefore you are active, but not really aware of it. 

What a concept! Especially when there is a global problem of inactivity.

If you love games, whether video or not, Active Arcade app is the new way to get active while gaming.

What is Active Arcade?

Active Arcade is a fresh take on gaming for the whole family; a brand-new collection of active games that can assist you in getting up and moving. There’s something for everyone with a wide selection of entertaining activities to pick from. 

Whether you want new ways to enhance your fitness or just have some fun, Active Arcade is the ideal method to get active. There are games for all different levels, from beginner to the athletic type.

woman playing pose game on active arcade

It’s also great for smaller children. It can help with fine motor skills and balance. 

How do you Play Active Arcade?

It’s easy! Play a variety of fun games with the help of the New Interactive Games to get active! It puts you inside the game and makes use of your natural body movements as the game controller. 

Interactive elements will immerse you in an entirely new type of arcade game, making you feel as though you’re immersed in one.

boy playing pose game on active arcade in living room

You are basically using your body as a video game controller! The user simply needs to swing their arm as if they’re swinging a baseball bat, and the software uses AI-powered full-body motion tracking to track the movement. 

mother and son playing wackamole on active arcade in the living room

Fun for everyone is created with advanced full-body motion tracking powered by AI, combined with gamification and augmented reality (AR).The camera will record your movements and power the game in real time.

Is Active Arcade Just for Kids?

I am 50 years-old. I have a gym in our garage but never seem to get to it. I have a lot on my plate running a business and taking care of two boys, ages 7 and 10. I’m exhausted!

Today being healthy can be expensive and stressful. In a nutshell, many people find that “being fit” today is just too difficult. There are so many options, gyms and classes, weights and equipment. It’s overwhelming and expensive.

Active Arcade is a unique approach to get moving. It’s a simple, natural technique to become active just by engaging in entertaining activities that utilize your bodily movement.

There are no better methods to have fun and get your body going than by playing and competing in physical games, like the informal sports games that we used to play on the playground as youngsters. 

Active Arcade is designed for anybody to get active with simply their mobile device – not pricey equipment, no strict routines, or wearables required.

I found that there is more of a chance for me to go to my living room and do a few minutes of SuperHits than go into the garage and work out or go to the local gym.

I simply don’t have the time. No need for expensive equipment, gym memberships or classes. Using Active Arcade just comes naturally and the kids love to join in for hours of fun.

I don’t even realize that I’m working up a sweat doing the dance moves! And the bonus is that I get to burn a lot of calories.

What if my Kids Aren’t Active?

I have two types of kids. One, has ADHD and is very active, the other is not active and doesn’t enjoy exercise. It’s been a challenge as I, too, was never into sports at school and wasn’t competitive. 

I was skeptical when I heard about this app. Sure, I’ve seen dance games (like Nintendo WII, Just Dance) that get you active, but the boys aren’t really into that. It gets expensive too! 

They like adventure games and anything that gives you an adrenaline rush.

brothers playing wackamole on active arcade
active arcade whack a mole

When I discovered this fun app, I basically thought of it as a free exercise app for kids. But it is so much more than that!

If you don’t have an active child, I can assure you, he will not sit still watching this game. It’s impossible to not want to get up and move. 

Active Arcade whack a mole is my favorite Active Arcade game.

How do I set up Active Arcade?

You can set it up anywhere. Simply position your iPhone or iPad against a stationary object like a chair, bottle of water, or wall, and make sure the front-facing camera can see your entire body.

active arcade body position

How to Connect Active Arcade Live Stream to TV

To make your living room seem even more realistic, pair it with a TV and mirror the screen via HDMI connection or Chromecast/AndroidTV.

boy setting up active arcade

It’s so easy, my son’s can set it up themselves. 

plug in t.v. for active arcade

I found my lightning to HDMI adapter at Best Buy, but you can find one on Amazon.

Does Active Arcade have a lot of Games?

There is something for everyone, whether you are just looking to start out slow or you want to challenge yourself. There are also 2-Player game modes that get you and your friends playing side-by-side. They are simple games that get harder as you improve.

boy playing wackamole

The Active Arcade games include Reaction, Box Attack, Whack-a-Mole, High Kicks, Cone Knockout, Galaxy Jumpers, Laser Dodge, Pose!, Reaction Flow, and newly released Bunny Hop, Space Pong and SuperHits.

My favorite of course, is SuperHits. But Whack a mole is a great family game.

woman doing superhits game in active arcade

Is active Arcade free?

This is a free app, with no advertising, in-app purchases, or subscription model. It’s a completely free resource for everyone around the world to enjoy and interact with. Share it with your family and friends.

Highlight your best moves and show off! Or download the whole video and share to your favorite social media platform!

What’s your “go to” Active Arcade game? Stay tuned for more fun games in the future.



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