8 Ways to Get the Most Out of One Day in LEGOLAND Florida
Blog - December 18, 2016


It was our first time going to LEGOLAND Florida and we only had one day as we were also heading to other theme parks and were packing everything into one long weekend!  I had heard a lot about what to expect, so when I got there I thought I was prepared.

But nothing can prepare you for this Lego wonderland.  It is a Lego lover’s dream! If you haven’t experienced anything Lego, you are about to get your socks knocked off!  My kids were in heaven.


So we had to have a plan on what to pack in one day.

They have an awesome water park but it was closed on the day we went, which was good in a way because we wouldn’t have had time to truly experience it.  Make sure you check out the opening hours before you go.   We will save that for another day.  It is such an amazing theme park that most will want to spend the whole day there, and a lot will opt to stay at the amazing LEGOLAND Hotel (the 5-gazillion star hotel) on property and make a two day experience.  If you want to cool down without going to the water park,  there are plenty of mini water areas all over for kids to play and cool down.


So, how do you think we got the most out of one day at LEGOLAND Florida?  We tried some pretty simple things and had a really awesome, jam packed day.  We closed the park down. Woot! Woot!

Get a Map and Use It

I am that person that likes to “discover”  “Let’s see where this takes us,” kinda gal.  But for some reason I was drawn to the map.  It looked so interesting and I wanted to see ahead of time where we would focus on making our stops. It was worth it and really helpful.  You need to set up a plan according to ages of your kids because different ages have different preferences. Some kids might want to go on rides only, and others might only want to literally play with Legos, have delicious treats, and go shopping.  In addition to rides, there is a Pirate’s Cove Show and ‘The LEGO® Movie 4D A New Adventure.’  You MUST map it out.

Choose Your Rides Wisely

We have two boys, however, one did not have the height requirement for some of the rides.  We tried to find rides that were good for both for time’s sake.


One of the rides that was a big hit with my two and five-year-old boys was the Duplo Tractor.

They also loved the Boating School ride at Lego City.


They especially liked this one because they could steer the steering wheel and drive.  That’s super cool to a five and a two year old!

Stay Where the Kids are Having Fun

We spent most of our time in Duplo Valley, not because we wanted to but because the kids loved it.  They weren’t too interested in rides.  They wanted to play with Legos, haha.


What I have found going on trips with the kids is that once they like a place, you can’t drag them away.  They could of stayed at the Tot Spot all day.


In fact, I had to drag them away from there to be able to see other sites.


The Baby Care Center inside Duplo Valley is amazing and so inviting to the new mother that wants to change her baby in peace.


There’s also a place to nurse and bottle warming available.

Choose Where to Eat Ahead of Time

Look at what there is available before you go.  Ask around.  There’s nothing worse than being famished after walking with the kids and not being sure where you want to eat.  Pick out a couple of places ahead of time, in case one is busier than the other.  We were recommended to go to Burger Kitchen.


It was definitely a great choice.  My husband loves burgers so he was pretty excited to try it out.  I don’t eat meat, so I had the veggie burger.

My husband loved his cheeseburger and the kids really enjoyed their chicken strips and fries. He said that the burger was the best theme park food he had ever experienced.


Later we went and got the kids ice cream.


Scope Out What You Would Like To Do On Your Next Trip To LEGOLAND Florida.

Mia’s Riding Adventure

The Island In The Sky


The Island In The Sky is a 150- foot rotating platform that gives you a 360° view of LEGOLAND Florida.


Pirates’ Cove Live Water Ski Show looked like a lot of fun.  As you can see, it’s still pretty cool from a distance!

Take videos and pictures so you can remember what you will be planning next time.

Make Sure You Check Out At Least One Lego Store


There’s everything you need in one store so don’t get discouraged if you can’t visit all of them.


Don’t Pass Up Walking Through Miniland


This Miniland is a must see.  Florida was spot on!  I loved it!


Kennedy Space Center was awesome.


Daytona International Speedway was probably the kids favorite.


The kids definitely had to come back to  Daytona International Speedway on our way out.

Finish your day off with a short movie!


After running around all day, we planned a trip to the Wells Fargo 4D Theater.  It was just what we needed to sit down and rest while watching The LEGO® Movie 4D.


 We had such a great time at LEGOLAND Florida, we have to go back soon!  You can see that by the end of the day the kids acted like they owned the place.


For more information, you can visit their website HERE.  Check out their Christmas Bricktacular Event too!

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