Awesome Indoor Summer Activities for Kids
Family - May 7, 2023

Are you looking for indoor summer activities for kids when rainy days occur? We love the beach and the pool but it gets up to 120 degrees here in Arizona, so we like to have a backup plan of fun activities for the younger kids and the older kids to enjoy.

Just a few more weeks left of summer vacation and the boys are getting antsy! I don’t know about you, but camp isn’t feasible financially for the whole summer and I don’t want my children to be away the whole time. Summers are meant to spend with the family, going on water park trips and road trips. But there are those days when we just want to pull our hair out and the kids a bored and we need to find activities indoors.

When it’s 114 degrees outside – no one wants to play in that heat. I’ve found some awesome inside summer activities for kids.

Hosting a dance party in the living room, Friday nights with board games, or a weekend-long scavenger hunt are just a few ideas to keep my children busy during these summer days! I hope this collection of fun indoor activities (and a few outdoor) will keep your kids busy all season long!

Indoor Summer Activites For Kids

Fun indoor summer activities for kids

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