7 Untold Steps to Profitable Investing by Steve Ryan
Free Daily Books - January 27, 2015

8140hEerYkL._SL1500_Step-by-Step Guide on How to Invest Profitably (Charts Don’t Lie Book 2) [Kindle Edition]

$50,000 and 5 years.

That is how much it takes, on average, to be a consistently profitable investor or trader.

Why go through all of the mistakes and pains yourself? Why not learn your mistakes from someone else who has committed many of the missteps?

Investing is more than just watching CNBC and Bloomberg, listening to the “experts”, reading the financial news on Google Finance and Marketwatch.com, and finding out if a company is fundamentally strong.

It investing and trading are that easy, have you ever asked why most people lose money in the market?

Have you ever wondered if there is a more “scientific” ways on how to invest?

Have you ever asked if the stock investing can be done without gambling?

This book tried to help you find that more calculable methods of investing. Several things you will learn:
1) How the 7 secret steps can help your investing more calculable
2) Investing or trading does not have to be gambling. By following the steps, you will gain more conviction in your investing
3) How to find the disproportional Reward to Risk Ratio as mentioned in Trading vs. Investing: How They are Different & How to Grow Your Money with Them

Investing is still the best answer for the question on how to grow your money exponentially.

However, too many people treat it like a slot machine or arcade. And whether it is investing for beginners or investing for retirement, gambling in the market will eventually be costly
This book is intended to be the self-help tool to avoid gambling. The steps to profitable investing is actually applicable whether you are day trading, swing trading, or momentum trading.

Let’s scroll up, click the button on the right, and change your investing life today. For Prime Members, borrow this book for free, for as long as you want.

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