7 Things I Love About This Plant Based Skin Care – Salt by Hendrix
Blog - August 15, 2019

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This post is written by MomJunky contributor Ashlee from Simplholistic.org

It’s pretty hard not to hear about plant based skin care products… I mean, they’re everywhere. It’s Ashlee again from Simplholistic and I’m stoked to share the 7 things I love about the newest brand of plant based skin care products I recently tried out from the van. Salt by Hendrix’s products are clean – like really clean – come in glass and are simple to travel with. Let’s go!

glass jar of body polish on the beach

1. The ingredients are fabulous

It’s easy to list this as my number one thing I love about these plant based skin care products from Salt by Hendrix.  Without any carrageenan, xanthan gum, polysorbate or parabens, they rank up pretty high on my short list of recommended beauty products. Instead, they use ingredients like Grapefruit oil, Jojoba Oil, Sugar and White French Clay; a majority of which are organic.

 2. They come in glass

The time to cut plastic out of your life is… yesterday. Plastic is destroying our planet; oceans, landfills, wildlife and even our hormones. These plant based skin care products come in glass containers that can be recycled and won’t end up leaching into our food, water and disrupting our sacred female health.

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3. They are easy to travel with

Since I live in a van, this one’s a necessity. They don’t leak and the jars are made of a sturdy glass. You can throw them in your checked bag for your next work trip or vacation and you’re set. When you’re done, you can recycle the bottle or refill it with a DIY skincare oil.

 4. They’re van approved

Like I mentioned above, they do well in the van. Since we are constantly on unpaved roads and in National Forests, we need products that can withstand the bonking and bumping of the roads! They feel from top cabinets, rolled out of the van and even got pulled into the Great Lakes! All without any cracks or leaks.

 5. You can use them in nature

One of my favorite things to do is bath in nature. Something about that fresh EZ water leaves your skin super smooth and hydrated. Pair that with the Pink Grapefruit and Vanilla Body Polish and you’ve got a match made in heaven. Since they don’t contain any solvents, GMO ingredients or harsh chemicals, they are safe to use in natural waterways. Here’s to nature bathing!

6. They actually work

We all have the product we’ve tried with the hopes we would magically get baby bum soft skin but instead end up with dried up hair or skin. These plant based skin care products actually work. I’ve tried so many different natural skin products and most of the time they are lacking that oomph I want. After using the Body Glow and the Body Polish, my skin feels hydrated, exfoliated and… like a babies bum!

 7 Things I Love About This Plant Based Skin Care – Salt by Hendrix

 7. They smell delicious

The combo of Apricot Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils and Clay leave your skin both refreshed and smelling absolutely delicious. There’s no chemical residue or “fragrance” smell in any of these products. As a matter of fact, they’re no “fragrance” in the products either which is great because there are over 3,000 unregulated chemicals that fall under the term.

So, now that you have the scoop on these plant based skin care products from Salt by Hendrix, what do you say? Ready to give them a try? Be sure to tag me @simplholistic and @momjunky on IG when you get them!

Ashlee is from Alaska and is a sustainability and wellness travel blogger. She is a Holistic Nutritionist and dedicates her time to simplifying wellness, even on the go. You’ll find her traveling the world in her sprinter van with her husband and rescue pup, Gilligan! Say hello — @simplholistic


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