Summer Camp Essentials for Kids
Parenting - June 11, 2019

child holding snow coneThis is a sponsored post; however, all opinions are my own.  I was provided with products to facilitate this article, some of which might be affiliate links. This means if you click on them, I will receive a commission.

Summer camp is coming up and we are all excited!  This means some alone time for mommy and the kids get to really enjoy outdoor activities.  How do we know if we are prepared to send them off to camp?  We are entrusting them in someone else’s hands, sending them out in the summer heat to play so hard they might forget to drink water.  Most of the time, the camp gives us a check list but sometimes we are not always prepared to buy the right things and end up overspending or buying stuff we don’t need.

kid in bathing suit playing at park

Here are Summer Camp Essentials for Day or Night Campers

boy looking at collapsable bottle

Fresh Baby Collapsible Water Bottles

It’s hot out there!  I’m sure there is plenty of water available but what if they are on a field trip and only have access to a drinking fountain?  I want my kids to know that they will have water, even in an emergency.  So, throw in their backpack the Fresh Baby Collapsible Water Bottles.

They are 10 ounces, foldable, freezable, reusable, and collapsible.  They also attach to a diaper bag or lunch box. The 10-ounce size is small for small hands and has a natural resource message in the waterfall design. They are also BPA and lead free.

If we are going out for the day, I’ll freeze a couple and put them in the cooler with snacks.  They keep everything else cold and are handy for emergencies.

box opening with lucky bars inside

Lucky Bars

My kid’s love snacks.  Snacks make the world go around.  They are really picky eaters but one thing they won’t say no to are Lucky Bars.  These protein bars have more protein that two eggs!  They come in 5 flavors and are so delicious, you’ll want to sneak some into your purse for yourself!  So, I always like to carry a couple of them in my bag for snacks but I am putting one in their backpack every day for camp.

4 kids sitting on a bench in their bathing suits eating lucky bars

What if they don’t eat lunch?  I don’t know how many times my kids have skipped eating most of their lunch simply because they got caught up talking to the other kids in their class.  Lucky Bars are filling and good for them.  Kids need to refuel their bodies and these are the perfect snack, full of protein (10% of a child’s energy comes from protein).  They are also low sugar and low fat and low sodium.  You can buy them on Amazon or their site HERE.

tee shirts with labels

Label Everything

Put labels on their clothing, shoes, and lunchbox using Label Daddy.  They have anywhere from clothing, household, bag tags to Camp Labels.  You can personalize your label down to the emoji or licensed logos from MLB, NBA and NHL. Many labels on their site are waterproof, ensuring a durable and long-lasting sticker. This makes them ideal for clothing going through the washing machine or cleaning dishes in the dishwasher. Label Daddy labels can be exposed not only to water but harsh elements such as heat, moisture, and chemicals. Whatever you throw at our stickers, Label Daddy guarantees they’ll withstand the test.

kid running toward sunscreen


Sunscreen is so important these days. Babytime! by Epicensial is one of my favorite sunscreens. Babytime is the No.1 organic brand in hospital birthing centers and hospital NICUS.  It’s fragrance free and developed by a pediatrician.  I use it on myself too.  It’s not greasy and does not irritate the skin.  They have fantastic other products that we use like the Cheeky Salve Organic Lip and Cheek and Nipple Care.  It’s great for traveling too because of weather changes and dryness of planes.

Check out these awesome necessities for Summer Camp.  You will need kids lightweight clothing, sunscreen, water bottles, kids protein bars and kids clothing labels. Water shoes

Most likely, your child will have water play.  Water shoes are important.  Don’t send them to camp with Crocs!  They are great shoes, but not for running and playing in water. We’ve almost lost a front tooth doing this!  Water shoes are great too because you can just throw them in the washing machine to clean.  Walmart has some great water shoes that are affordable.

kid in harem pants walking towards beach

Change of Clothes

Whether they do water play, it’s always good to have a change of clothes handy.  I like to use very lightweight clothing because the kids get so hot and I don’t want to weigh down their back pack with heavy clothing.

these are great harem pants for girls, very lightweight and easy to slip on

These Kids Harem Pants are so light and comfy.  They have an elastic waist band and gather at the bottom.  This makes them easy to slip on and off.

these pink and purple girls harem pants are so cute and lightweight and easy to slip on

I’m so excited for the kids to start summer camp.  There are so many great activities our camp has planned.  But I want to make sure we are prepared.

How do you prepare for summer camp?



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