5 Unique Ways to get Kids to do Chores {Printables Included}
Fun - June 16, 2019

Are you looking for unique ways to get your kids to do chores? Look no further as I have a list of different options below.

How many of us mom’s struggle to get our kids to do chores?  I’ve tried so many things and I’ve concluded that kids actually like structure, which includes chores.  So, I’ve started to give them a simple schedule of chores to do. It’s hard with two and I definitely had fears of parenting two.  But every parent makes mistakes.

Sibling rivalry is ramped in our house, so, I put a list of chores in between their bedrooms to remind them and myself.  I don’t want to hear them argue about who’s doing or not doing what chore.

But all children are different and respond to different methods of teaching, especially with chores. So, I’ve picked out various methods to get them to do chores.  I tried money.  I tried bribing.  and it ended up that printables, lists and rewards worked for us.

“After your chores are done, you can play.”  That’s it.  Simple as that.  Until it doesn’t work, hehe.

Here are 5 unique ways to getting children to do chores.

printable of kids Routine charts
Kids Daily Routine Charts

by SavingDollars&Sense

infographic of age appropriate chores for kids

Age Appropriate Chores for Kids that Teach Responsibility

by TheSoccerMomBlog.com

girl holding cleaning supplies smiling

How to get Your Kids to WANT to do Chores

by TheSoccerMomBlog.com

printable of how to do chores for kids

10 Chores for Preschoolers + A Printable Chore Chart!

kids hands with moneh in them

10 Ways to Let Children Earn Allowance

by LongWaitForIsabella.com

Have you tried any of these methods? I’m thinking of putting a printout of chores in my room!  I often forget to make my bed and here I am trying to be an example to my children.  Maybe I need a reminder! Which one’s do you think would work for your children?

How many of us mom's struggle to get our kids to do chores?  I've tried so many things and I've concluded that kids actually like structure, which includes chores.  So, I've started to give them a simple schedule of chores to do. How do you know what will work for your child? Here's some interesting ways to get kids to do chores with printables too.

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