19 Fun Things to Do in Heber Overgaard
Arizona - September 7, 2023

Have you ever been to Heber Overgaad? It’s an awesome place to visit.  From fishing for rainbow trout to horseback riding, Heber Overgaard has many fun things to do.

girl riding a horse smiling

Thank you to Bison Ranch for our complimentary stay.  All opinions are my own.

Heber was initially inhabited by Mormon pioneers in the late 1800s. They moved to the region from Utah after church authorities told them to look for suitable locations to establish towns and settle their families.

I grew up in Arizona but had never heard of Heber Overgaard.  Now that I have moved back, there is so much I want to explore.  I’ve been back to Sedona and checked out some local places.  

I also get up to Prescott often, which has an elevation of 5367 feet, but Heber Overgaard has an elevation of 6,627 feet: which means 40 degrees in May! But it is a lot warmer during the summer.

This historic town is nestled in the heart of the Arizona mountains and is perfect for those who want to escape it all. The area offers plenty of outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, and camping, and there are also a few small businesses and restaurants in town.

Where is Heber, Overgaard?

Heber Overgaard is roughly 38 miles from Show Low and 55 miles from Payson, Arizona. Others consider it a component of the White Mountains area, while others include it in the Mogollon Rim Country. The Sitgreaves National Forest is also nearby.

It is 35 minutes from Black Canyon Lake and Woods Canyon Lake and 17 minutes from Willow Springs Lake.

It may be considered part of both northeastern Arizona’s regions because it is situated at 6,500 feet and has summer temperatures highs rarely exceeding 85 degrees F.

Heber Overgaard is the perfect place to raise a family or retire. It’s quiet, safe, and surrounded by natural beauty. You can’t find a more peaceful spot to visit.

two boys outside an old fashioned 1800's wagon at the Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

Check out these Fun Things to do in Heber Overgaard

Stay at the Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

We stayed at Worldmark Bison Ranch in Heber-Overgaard. There are so many fun things to do at Bison Ranch, AZ.

It’s a cute, recreated Old West town from the 1800s, located 56 miles northeast of Payson and 35 miles west of Show Low in northern Arizona.

the front of Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

The unit we stayed in was located on the second floor. It was a spacious two-bedroom resort suite with two balconies and a large living area.

Main Bedroom

Bedroom at the Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

We enjoyed the privacy of two bedrooms, each with its TV, and the convenience of a pullout bed in the split living room. The sleeping area of the living room even has a dresser for more storage.

Our main bedroom had a bathroom with a king-size bed and two twin beds in the second bedroom. It sounds like a lot going on, but it was very spacious, and even with 6 people, everyone had enough room.

The Kitchen and Living Area

 Kitchen and Living Area at at the Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

The kitchen is fully equipped and has everything you need: plates and cutlery, toaster and blender, and a BBQ on the balcony!

The washer/dryer is another great convenience. We even had a gas fireplace, which you can set on a timer. That was cool!

Things to do in Bison Ranch


fishing at the Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

The boys enjoyed fishing in the catch-and-release fishing pond. The resort offers fishing poles for rent, so you don’t have to bring your own.

There are two ponds. The kids fished in the small one, which yielded a surprisingly giant catfish and several smaller fish.

The boys were overjoyed when they caught a giant catfish. It was the highlight of their trip.  We quickly threw our friend back in the pond.

Pro tip: The catfish in the small pond seem to like sausage patties.

Kids Play Area and Activities for Kids

playground at the Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

There were so many activities for the kids to enjoy both indoors and outdoors, such as playing at the kid’s play area with hopscotch, places to explore, and games inside the main building.

But there are also some cute shops for us moms to visit to buy trinkets and souvenirs.

Go Swimming at the Pool at Worldmark Bison Ranch

pool at the Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

Next to the play area is a gated seasonal outdoor pool and children’s pool, outdoor play area, and relaxing hot tub.

game room at the Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

Play Games at the Game Room at Worldmark Bison Ranch

This is the game room with a fire pit to get cozy.

The kids loved the giant Connect Four, Ping Pong, and Pool Table. There is also a volleyball court, horseshoe pit, and a shared computer with Internet service. 

There’s a gym to work out in, a library to get books and check out movies. And a freezer full of ice cream next to the front desk.  I didn’t miss that when I walked up to the front desk.

coloring at the Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort

They also have a schedule of Weekly Activities like movie night at 7 p.m. (you can bring your popcorn – there’s some in the room to make or buy for $1.

There’s game day, coloring contests, scavenger hunts, arts and crafts, meet and greet bonfire where you can rent roasting sticks for marshmallows. 

There are so many activities for the family, it’s hard to choose which ones to get to!

Horseback Riding in Heber, Overgaard

black, white and tan horses

I haven’t gone horseback riding since I was around eight years old when I was living in Seattle.  I used to ride horseback when I was growing up in England. I’ve been waiting to do it again for years.

Ramey Ranch Horseback Riding

Ramey Ranch Horseback Riding was one of the trip’s highlights for me.  It’s so convenient to stay somewhere where you can go fishing and ride horses without leaving the resort. 

The kids loved feeding them, too up close and personal.

I went on a half-hour ride, which cost $30, but you can ride for an hour for $40.  They also have a $100 lunch ride available and overnight trips, which include meals, tents, and sleeping bags. 

I prefer my suite at Bison Ranch.  Maybe one day with the kids……

If you are in Herber Overgaard, you must go horseback riding.  It’s beautiful!

  • Phone number: (928) 242-5062

Antiquing in Heber, Overgaard

outside Antler attic antique shop

I love the art of discovery. There is so much history too, when going antiquing.  I love looking for interesting finds, whether it’s an old rotary telephone or something that was created and looked vintage or interesting.

The Antler Attic in Lakeside

The Antler Attic in Lakeside, which is about an hour of scenic driving away from Bison Ranch, has Custom Deer and Elk Antler lamps, chandeliers, floor lamps, benches, chairs, coat racks, candle holders, business card holders, drawer pulls, buttons, and much much more.

There are also rustic log mantles and furnishings. Horseshoe art and household items. The carved bears outside are what drew us in.

  • 672 W White Mountain Blvd
    Lakeside, AZ 85929
  • Get Directions
  • Phone number (928) 368-4460

The Little Log Cabin

The Little Log Cabin in Heber Overgaard

We also came across this cute antique shop called The Little Log Cabin in Lakeside/Pinetop.

The Little Log Cabin has anything from signs to planters, tea cup sets, vintage furniture, and so many nickknacks! It’s definitely worth going out of your way to take a peek.

  • Hwy 260
    Lakeside, AZ 85929
  • Get Directions
  • Phone number: (928) 242-4141

Dining in Heber, Overgaard

Women Saloon and Grill

You don’t have to leave Bison Ranch if you’re hungry.  You can just walk over to Wild Women’s Saloon and Grill. We ate there the first night, and they had some killer fish and chips! It’s a really cute Saloon too, where you can just sit at the bar and hang out.

The kids loved their tenders, too. My husband had a Moscow Mule. We finished our meal off with a pazookie. And that is when I officially went off my keto diet.

Pinetop Brewing Company

If you want to venture out, we found a place called Pinetop Brewing Company and it was also very good. The service was great, and the food was worth the drive!

  • 159 W White Mountain Blvd

Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona 85929

boy fishing at Worldmark Bison Ranch

There’s nothing like escaping the city and being in a town where the population is less than 3,000 people. It’s just nature and you. Getting the family out of the chaos and appreciating the beauty of the forests and wildlife is important us.  It slows us down.

Sledding in Heber

I have yet to find any places to sled in Heber; if you find a place, please comment for my readers. There is Sunrise Park Resort; however, it is 65 miles away.

Things to do in Heber, Arizona

Worldmark Bison Ranch Resort was a great place for a family getaway in Arizona.  You can book through Wyndham Extra Holidays, where you can get condo vacations at hotel prices.

In addition, there are so many fun things to do at Bison Ranch, AZ.

  • 2361 Bison Rnch Trl Rd
    Overgaard, AZ 85933
  • Get Directions
  • Phone number: (928) 535-3010
  • Business website extraholidays.com

More things to do in Heber, Overgaard:

  1. Explore Sitgreaves National Forest: Begin your visit by exploring the vast Sitgreaves National Forest. Use Google Maps to find various trailheads and scenic spots within the forest for hiking, picnicking, and wildlife watching.
  2. Scenic Drives: Use Google Maps to navigate the scenic drives through the Sitgreaves National Forest. Some popular routes include Mogollon Rim Road and Black Canyon Rim Road, offering breathtaking landscape views.
  3. Visit Overgaard and Heber Lake: Check the tourism page for information on the pristine Heber Lake. Enjoy fishing, kayaking, or simply relaxing by the water’s edge. Google Maps can guide you to the lake’s access points.
  4. Hiking and Nature Trails: Use Google Maps to find trailheads for hiking and nature walks within the national forest. The Apache-Sitgreaves Loop Trail and the Woods Canyon Lake Trail are popular choices.
  5. Wildlife Viewing: Seek designated wildlife viewing areas in the Sitgreaves National Forest. Look for deer, elk, eagles, and other native species. Google Maps can help locate prime spots.
  6. Camping: Explore camping options within the national forest. Whether you prefer primitive campsites or RV facilities, you can use Google Maps to find the perfect spot for your outdoor adventure.
  7. Stargazing: Heber-Overgaard’s elevation and clear skies make it an ideal spot. Find a secluded spot within the national forest using Google Maps and enjoy the night sky.
  8. Visit the Visitor Center: Check the Sitgreaves National Forest Visitor Center information on the tourism page. Here, you can get maps and trail guides and learn about the forest’s history and conservation efforts.
  9. Dining and Local Cuisine: After outdoor activities, check Google Maps for local restaurants and eateries in Heber and Overgaard to savor some regional cuisine.
  10. Shopping and Souvenirs: Explore local shops and boutiques for unique souvenirs and gifts. Use Google Maps to locate these charming spots.
  11. White Mountains Scenic Byway: If you have more time, consider taking a scenic drive along the White Mountains Scenic Byway. It offers picturesque views of the entire White Mountains region.
  12. Check for Events: Visit the tourism page for Heber-Overgaard to check for any special events, festivals, or local activities happening during your visit.
  13. Windy Hills Lavender Farm
  14. Escape Rooms Heber

What Western towns do you like to visit?

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