5 Reasons Why I gained 9 lbs Back After Losing 30 on the Smart For Life Diet
Blog - August 24, 2016

Sides-FriesIt’s been an awesome ride.  I absolutely love the cookies.  I reached my goal and after I did really well for a while.  I was at my goal weight for one week, then I relaxed…  I felt too skinny, if that’s possible hahah, so I started indulging because I “could afford to.”  Smart For Life gave me a maintenance program.  But I thought I could do tweak and infuse it with some of my old bad habbits.  I was tired of “dieting.”

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But the thing is, is that it isn’t a diet, it’s a lifestyle.  I made choices.  And then I made the wrong choices.  Here are five things I did wrong while maintaining on Smart For Life.

1 – I didn’t abide by the maintenance plan! I don’t even know where it is! I just thought I could do it my way. But “my way” is how I had gained weight in the first place, and I gained back nine pounds!

2 – I went back to sugar, my true love. Where did I cross the line? I think it was at Outback when my husband and I ordered another mini Chocolate Thunder From Down Under. My justification was that it was a “mini” which surely is not enough to split! Hahahah. Eh, no.

3 – Instead of having one “cheat day,” I was having “cheat weekends,” saying I’d start over by Monday. And the cycle begins…..

4 – I stopped excising. I got busy and stressed when I put my kids in daycare at the YMCA, so I made it an excuse not to go.

5 – I started snacking on the kids’ food again.

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This is a journey. It’s never going to end because ultimately it boils down to choices. The choices I make have consequences. I’m not the 18-year-old fat burning model I used to be. I am a forty five year old woman who loves sugar, carbs, and all that The Cheesecake Factory has to offer. I must abide by my maintenance plan. It’s very simple. The one thing I’ve learned from Smart For Life is: if your feel like you’re slipping, or you gain up to ten pounds back, come back! I love love love their cookies, cereal, and protein bars. I feel good about my health when I eat them because they are healthy. They make me feel good. I have learned the tools to lose weight and I am going to use them to lose the weight back, and get back on track! Stay tuned for updates on my journey…



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