5 Reasons Why Every Woman Should Wear Red for the Holidays
Makeup & Beauty - November 20, 2020


I received products from Giorgio Armani Beauty to facilitate this article.  All opinions are mine.

Why are so many women afraid to wear red lipstick?  Applying makeup can be frustrating, unless your a makeup artist, like me. The average woman struggles to apply makeup and find the right colors.  That’s why cosmetic counters do so well! The makeup artists help find the right colors and suggest what to wear.

Find out why why every woman over 40 should wear Giorgio Armani Beauty.

I love a natural look and wearing red lipstick doesn’t mean you can’t look natural. Some women are afraid of wearing red lipstick. What is it about the lipstick color red that scares them or makes them think it’s not for them?

“It’s just not my color,” they say.

“I can’t do red.”

“It doesn’t look good on me.”

“I’ve tried every shade but it never looks good on me.”

This is what I heard when I was working at the cosmetics counters, especially around the Holidays.

Or I got the opposite reaction. They would come up to my beauty counter, with all the determination in the world, declaring that they wanted to find the “perfect red.”   So this shows that there is more depth to a red lipstick than first meets the eye.

We would go through 50 shades of red. Even when presented with a color that perfectly matched them, most women still shied away from red.

Some would buy it and then return it.

Because red is scary.

Why is red so scary?  It’s such a bold, vibrant, fantastic color!  It’s the perfect color for the Holidays.  I love red.  It’s sexy, it’s feels powerful to wear, it makes a statement, and it’s a beautiful color that the universe gave us.

Here are five reasons why every woman should wear red for the Holidays.

 It’s festive.

Red is a happy color.  It’s a warm, fuzzy color and that’s why we see it so much around the Holidays.

It’s a great “pick me up” color! 

If you don’t have time to “put your face on,” throw on a red lipstick for a pop and no one will be looking at those tired eyes.

It’s Sexy

Something about red is alluring.  Per the Huffington Post, who did a survey, more men like women wearing red lipstick as opposed to not wearing it.

There is a red for everyone. 

Trust me, there is a red for everyone!  You might need an orange toned red or a blue toned red depending on your skin tone.  If you don’t know just go to any makeup artist at the Giorgio Armani Beauty counter and they will help you choose one.  Their lipsticks are amazing!

Giorgio Armani Beauty has a perfect shade of red for you.

Oh, yes they do!   Just take a chance, step out of the box and go for it! Plus, every woman over 40 should wear Giorgio Armani Beauty.

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Find out why why every woman over 40 should wear Giorgio Armani Beauty.

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  1. Red is one of my favorite colors. I have to admit, I haven’t worn a red lip in years. I think it would be fun to go to a makeup counter to try them all on, like you described.

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