5 Reasons to Visit PLAYMOBIL® FunPark Palm Beach
Blog - January 17, 2017


I heard panic in my husbands voice when he received an email from school that we had another holiday coming up and that the kids were not going to be in  school.  He works.  I don’t know why he’s panicking, lol.

Maybe it’s because he might get a text from me around four o:clock asking when he’s coming home.  It might also be an interesting (and by interesting, I don’t mean good)  text depending on my hormonal status and if the kids are behaving.  I’ve told him many times not to text me and ask me how my day is going.  He might regret it.

featured playmobil

But on a day that both kids are home and for our sanity, they need to get outside.  They don’t do well stuck inside the house, even with projects.  They get bored and then start to annoy each other.  One activity we like to do is visit PLAYMOBIL® FunPark in Palm Beach.  Sure, it’s far but I use that to my advantage.  I grab a cup of coffee to go and their Leap Pads, turn on the Whacked Out News and take a long drive.

Here are five reasons why we love it at PLAYMOBIL® FunPark in Palm Beach.


It’s like a huge indoor playground for kids to explore and build anything they can dream of!  My kids spend hours building and playing with knights, pirates, police and fire trucks.  Once in a while they go to the other side and play with the dollhouses.


The entry fee is $1.  You can’t beat that!  That in itself is worth the gas driving up there! 


There is a dining area where you can bring your lunch.  There’s nothing worse that walking into a kids play park and have to buy overpriced, bad food.  Here, we bring our own lunches.  Something I just learned recently is that families can place an order for local pizza delivery.


You can have a Birthday Party there! My kids attended a Birthday party there and loved it.  They had interactive games, played in the theme areas and left with a goody bag!  All reservations must be made in advance and require a $50.00 deposit 561 691-9880 ext 2.  For more info click HERE.


There is a infant/toddler play area.  This is great if you have two kids and one of them is an infant.  It saved me when I had my second.

infant 1

PLAYMOBIL® FunPark is built so that you can keep an eye on your kids from a distance, except for the back pirate themed area.  But that’s on the opposite side.  My son was just steps away from me as I watched my other son in the infant area.  He loved it.

Get there early, it’s not as busy from 10-11am.  Plan on staying at least two hours.  Sometimes we stay much longer.

henri w crane

It can be an all day event, especially if it’s raining, so it’s a great place to go in the summers too.  There is a store there to shop that is conveniently placed as you exit, haha.


You can expect some meltdowns on the way out…or like us, we pass through it a few times since we go to the snack room, so that’s a lot of fun, hehe.

fun park stroe

Their hours are:

Monday-Saturday 10 am – 6 pm 10 am – 5:30 pm*
Sunday 12 pm – 5 pm 12 pm – 4:30 pm*
* Last admission to the FunPark play area is 30 minutes before closing.

Palm Beach Gardens
8031 North Military Trail
Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33410-6323
Phone: 1-800-351-8697 or 561-691-9880
Fax: 609-395-3011
Email: FunParkPBG@playmobilusa.com

Check them out on Social Media:

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