Cinemood Projector; 360 Portable Movie Theater Review
Blog - September 1, 2020

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Nowadays, people are longing to go to the movies but the virus has taken away that privilege for a while.  Families are looking for new ways to watch movies in a movie-style setting.  But home theaters can be pricey.

Cinemood 360 Portable Movie Theater is the new kid-friendly movie theater for our family and the best portable projector with a big screen without the cost. This home theater is the cost of my family going to the movies six times! My favorite feature is that you can remotely control it from your phone. Remote control and kid’s entertainment go hand in hand.

We don’t go to the movies too often; even before Covid-19.  It’s a whole production sometimes with finding the right time to fit everyone’s schedule, the right type of movie to make a 6 and 8-year-old happy; and the cost! Between tickets popcorn, soda, and everything else you’ll be lucky if you get out having spent less than $70.

Kids Watching Toy Story with Cinemood

Since the pandemic hit, life has been different, and going to the movies isn’t an option right now anyway. Some people will disagree on this but this isn’t the time nor the place for this discussion…  So, we have looked for other ways to keep ourselves entertained; games, music, meditation, dancing, video games, Netflix, Disney, and a few road trips.

When I decided to try the new Cinemood Portable Movie Theater, I had no idea that I could do all these things and more! Here is my Cinemood 360 Portable Movie Theater Review.

Pocket Size Projector

This pocket-size projector is roughly the size of a Rubik’s Cube. It lasts 5 hours on a full charge so you don’t have to worry about running out of batteries in the middle of your movie. The battery life is about 4 hours. And since you don’t need to plug it in while using it (unlike traditional projectors), you can take it anywhere!

child sleeping with a projection of a beach

Cinemood Projector has Preloaded Content

The Cinemood 360 comes with preloaded content with 360° educational videos, motion games, educational Disney content, and built-in access to subscription-based streaming services creating endless possibilities for bringing content to life. My favorite of the built-in features is the screensavers. They are a great way to help the kids go to sleep. My kids sleep on a bunk bed so it’s hard to have them both see the image on the wall. However, my oldest doesn’t care for the image, he likes the soothing sounds that come with it. My youngest likes both the image and the sound so he gets to fall asleep next to a huge and beautiful beach scene while listening to the waves crashing on the shore. The pre-loaded content is a lifesaver too.

Anything that can help the kids go to sleep is a winner in my book!

family enjoying a movie in living room

Stream your Favorite Shows on the Cinemood Projector

With the Cinemood 360 Portable Movie Theater, you can stream from Netflix, Disney, YouTube, Prime Video, Ameeba, Moolt, and more. In addition to your favorite streaming services, you can also stream online videos such as YouTube videos and YouTube 360.

Another cool trick we discovered is that you can mirror or extend your laptop’s screen. This may not be something you will do often, but it is definitely a cool option.

boy holding Cinemood

The Cinemood Projector is a Portable Cinema

When you’re home it’s easy to know what you are going to watch, with whom, and where they are going to sit. When you are on the go, your options quickly become limited. Not having to drag a large (and breakable) TV out of an RV or trailer is definitely an advantage. With the Cinemood 360-degree video, just wait for dark and sit everyone in front of the side of your vehicle and project your favorite show or movie for everyone to enjoy.

Encourages Movement

Whether you’re doing a Birthday party, or just having friends over, you can host a dance party with built-in tunes or stream your own. You can also stream workout videos from YouTube and Cinemood 360 also has interactive games.

pin for cinemood

With all these benefits we get from Cinemood 360, we can’t wait to travel with it and make memories all over the world. From camping, cabins, hotels, and airplanes, this baby is going with us everywhere!

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