5 Reasons to Fly Business Class on Finnair
Blog - February 28, 2021

Thanks so much to Finnair and Visit Finland for hosting this trip. All opinions are 100% my own.

Business class on a long-distance, international flight is a luxury I had never experienced until I flew with Finnair. It was divine. From being greeted with a cozy space, my personal slippers, pillow and comforter to a picking up a beautiful menu …. I truly felt pampered. If you have a chance to fly Business Class on Finnair you will find that it isn’t just luxury traveling, it’s an experience.

I went with my girls from the Tortuga Travel Tribe, an elite group of travel writers. We love traveling together!

woman pointing to the overhead bin

There was so much overhead space. That spot is where you will find a wonderful, fluffy comforter to sleep with.

Nordic Business Class tickets include priority check-in, boarding and security, access to Finnair business lounges, two or three pieces of baggage (maximum weight 32 kg/70 lb each) and exclusive Business Class meals and drinks.

I could go on and on about the many reasons why you should fly Business Class on Finnair but here are just 5…

Priority Check in and Security

No more waiting in line at check-in. You can go straight to the Priority Check-in desk and they take care of everything. It might not sound like much, but when you are on a long journey every little bit of comfort counts. Flying Business Class with Finnair also gets you to slide right through priority security and avoid long lines there.

food in lounge for business class Finnair


Another perk of flying Business Class with Finnair is the Lounge. Different airlines or credit card providers offer lounges, but the Finnair lounge is a dream. The Finnair lounge offers a beautiful place to relax or work before getting on the plane. It was fully stocked with snacks, coffee, fruits and other delicious goodies. I had some coffee, pulled my computer out and got caught up on some work without having to worry about my environment.

Everything is right at your fingertips: wine, champagne and food. I loved all the berries (the Finns love their berries) and the traditional Finnish food. Everything was well stocked and the attendants make sure you have everything you need.

flatbed on business class on Finnair

Bed and Leg Room

I am tall and have always had issue with leg room on planes. It was so nice to stretch my legs and be comfortable. Then when I reclined the seat I realized that, unlike many business class seat it wasn’t an angle lie-flat seat, it was a flat bed! Business class has come a long way in recent years on most airlines, but the majority of the time you find lie-flat seats in business class, so having a flat bed instead I thought was a nice touch from Finnair. My feet weren’t hanging off the ends and it was so comfy. What a way to travel! Who would have thought I could actually sleep comfortably on a plane?

Every thing is designed by Finnish Design House Marimekko, down to the slippers, comforter, pillows, and toiletries bag.

salad on business class flight on Finnair

The Menu

Simply put: the food was delicious. There were so many choices. You will be delighted by the offerings on the signature menu created by Chef David Posey. Chef Posey created a modern version of traditional Nordic cuisine that I found was both delicious and refreshing.

Chef Posey’s menu emphasizes fresh, crisp flavors and local produce to introduce the finest Nordic delicacies.

Each menu is accompanied by carefully selected, high-quality wines, and a collection of exclusive tableware and textiles designed by Marimekko.

I started the festivities with the Ceviche and followed with the Roasted Root Vegetable Salad with Chicories, served in a Creamy Vinaigrette. Simple, refreshing; everything I needed to get started. For the main course, I had the Roasted Pork Collar with Crushed Fingerling Potatoes, Broccoli Creamed Spinach and Caramel-Pork Jus. It was delightful. I’ve had some good food on planes, but the simplicity and the precision of this food was on another level.

breakfast on business class Finnair

When it came time for breakfast I had the Crepes with Cherry Capote and Almonds, with yogurt, fruit and a delicious croissant. What a way to wake up!

woman holding glass of champagne


The full-flat seats in Nordic Business Class offer you privacy and comfort. I felt like I was in my own space and didn’t have to worry about anyone being on top of me or coming into my space.

plane flying in front of a sunset

Entertainment systems on airplanes have come a long way in the past few years, and Business Class flights on Finnair are no different. Depending on the type of aircraft you are flying your touch screen entertainment system will be 12″ or 16″ and full of your favorite movies. There really is something for everyone.

As a blogger WiFi is my lifeline. Sure I can work in Microsoft Word and survive without it for articles, but without WiFi there is no email, no social media etc. In other words, without a good WiFi connection I can’t do busywork. The WiFi on my flight was pretty good, I was able to do emails, post on social media and do everything else I needed to do.

finnair bag of anemities

I received a complimentary toiletries bag with my favorite lotion by L’Occitane. It was nice to be able to freshen up with quality products.

Bathroom in first class on Finnair

The bathroom was spacious with fabulous products to use to wash your hands and hydrate. Every plane is different when it comes to bathroom layout, my was perfect.

stewardess taking orders

The Flight Crew was amazing, always tending to my needs. I never felt like a burden regardless of what I needed or what time I needed it at. When other airlines have significantly lowered the quality of service on their flights, Finnair showed me that they are truly dedicated to customer service and to making your flight as enjoyable as possible. This is true of the flight crew, but also of the ground personnel who were very courteous as well.

stewardess serving customer on a plane

My favorite moment was when the flight attendants walked the isle with the warm towels. No one does that for me at home! (at least not yet, maybe I need to train the kids lol)

pilots getting ready for takeoff

A big thank you to these guys, who got us safely to our destination, Helsinki. Finnair covers over 130 destinations in Europe, Asia, the Americas and the Middle East. For more information on the destinations available you can check out Finnair.com.

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