Herbal Remedies for Congestion
Blog - November 14, 2017

Are you looking for herbal remedies for congestion due to colds and flu? I’ve got something mind blowing that will leave you feeling so much better.

This is a sponsored post for Genexa, however; all opinions are my own.

It’s that time of year again; the flu and cold season is here, and I am having a flashback of last December.  I was out of state for the holidays and got the flu and bronchitis.  Oh, I was miserable.  Then my father got it, and we were all sick.  I went to the doctor and they gave me antibiotics and a whole list of medications, some which made me feel worse.  It was bad.

Organic Products for Kids and Adult for Congestion

As I laid on the couch, I remember thinking, “I will never feel like this again…”  Since then, I have looked for gentler, more natural and organic medicines to help alleviate symptoms for myself and my family before they get out of hand. I have found that there are some of the best organic products for kids out there for cold and flu.

I have found that there are some great organic hacks for cold and flu season.

So, just a couple of weeks ago, we had fall.  Yes, we had one week of fall.  It was glorious.  Florida really doesn’t have seasons so, out came the long sleeves and sweats and we were in heaven.  The problem is that we are never prepared for the weather change.

Weather Changes can cause Illness 

It’s hot one day and cold the next.  Sure, they say we will have a cold front, but no one ever believes it because it’s always so hot and humid here.

Within two days, my throat was scratchy, and I had a cough.  My head was heavy, and I knew what was coming. My kids also had a common cold with a runny nose and cough.  I should have listened to my intuition when I went outside, because it was cold. 

Listen to your Intuition when it comes to Weather Change

Something told me to take care of myself.  But like many parents, we worry about our kids first.  I made sure they had their long sleeves and sweatshirts.  But I neglected myself.  So, here’s a few hacks to keep everyone on track.

Always Have a Sweatshirt or Sweater Handy 

Keep one in your car for yourself and or your kid’s backpack.  Even if it’s 90 degrees outside, when the weather changes, sometimes it’s drastic and not covering yourself up if your immune system is down could be asking for trouble. 

The weather can change drastically in just a couple of hours, for instance, while you are at the park and the sun goes down.

Have Organic Tea Available 

Have Organic Tea Available  It does the world of good.  My husband makes me a tea that has organic lemon and honey in it.  But he also grates ginger in it and lets it steep for a while.  Then he drains the ginger out of the tea. As soon as I feel a cold creeping up, I have him head to the local farm to get ready to make the tea.

Get a Humidifier 

Get a Humidifier. They help tremendously.  Even better, put some essential oils in it, like eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint and lavender. Humidifiers are essential when feeling stuffy and sick.

Steam up the Shower with Eucalyptus Spray

Steam up the Shower with Eucalyptus Spray and sit in it for a while. It will open your nasal passages and help you breathe when you feel congested.

Always tell your Kids to keep their hands out of their mouth.

Kids don’t realize how fast germs spread, especially when they put their hands in their mouth.

boy holding out a genexa cold cush pill

Take Something that’s Safe and Effective that will help Alleviate Cold and Flu Symptoms, like Genexa® Cold Crush

It is the world’s first certified organic and non-gmo medicine.  It is free of common allergens, magnesium stearate, artificial preservative, flavorings and colors and it has no side effects.

That’ right! Genexa Cold Crush has no side effects.

As soon as my kids started coughing, I gave them the Genexa Cold Crush for Children.  They chewed it up like it was candy.  Then I took some of the adult Cold Crush for myself.

After having horrible side effects from some over the counter medicine that was recommended by the walk-in clinic doctor, I am very conscious of what I put in my body.  My kids also deserve the best and I’ve seen firsthand what medications can do to the nervous system. 

I’d rather use homeopathic medicines, like Genexa’s organic formulas. It was created by parents, who only want the best for their families also.

These are just a few simple hacks that can help if you feel a cold or flu creeping up.  It can hit you like a ton of bricks so it’s always good to be prepared. Find a store for Genexa here.

What do you do to prepare for cold and flu season?

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