5 Holiday Gifts All Mommies Want
Blog - December 14, 2018

I received some of these products to facilitate this article, however, all opinions are my own.  There may also be affiliate links in this post which means that it you click on a link and purchase something, I will receive commission.

Us mommies spend so much time giving to everyone else.  We work especially hard during the Holidays, going to school functions, setting up Holiday parties, wrapping gifts, shopping for gifts, and setting up Holiday cards.

red bag hanging on a vintage green bike

Does anyone really ever ask what we want? My husband maybe, but he knows me.  What about the people that don’t know us so well?  What do we give to mommies for the Holiday?

I am speaking from my experience and I am not speaking for every woman out there.  I am speaking on behalf of women that I have come in contact with when I worked in retail and moms that I talk to at school and Mommy and Me’s.  I know what mommies want.  I also know what mommies don’t want.

They don’t want perfume or a fragrant candle.  Fragrance is very personal.  I wouldn’t expect anyone to figure out my favorite fragrance.  Besides, it changes from season to season.  So, DON’T do fragrance candles or perfume.  If you want to make a subtle candle you can make something with essential oils, like with Eucalyptus and Lavender.  Always give organic, natural scented or unscented lotions and creams.  They are much subtler.  Gift cards are okay but are also very personal.  Someone gave me a gift card to get a massage at a place that I don’t particularly like, so it’s been 4 years and I still haven’t gone there.  In fact, I signed up somewhere to pay for a massage because I like them there.  I don’t care for restaurant gift cards.  I already feel fat from all the indulging I did during the holidays and New Year, don’t give me food.  Unless it’s chocolate.  Hehe.

holiday gift items for moms

So, I’ve come up with a mommy gift guide that is not exclusive to the Holidays but works great for this time of year.

I love makeup but don’t always buy it for myself, especially the high end makeup brands.  For myself, it’s more of a luxury item.  Top makeup sellers for women are lipstick, lip plumpers, bronzer, and mascara.

Giorgio Armani Holiday Eye Quattro Palette Mommies Want Makeup

My favorite makeup is Armani.  I don’t recommend buying anyone foundation as a gift (unless you’re their personal makeup artist, you won’t know their color foundation), but Armani has great Holiday sets that are limited and exclusive.  Every woman should wear red lipstick for the Holidays! But they may not buy it for themselves. This Giorgio Armani Holiday Eye Quattro Palette is a perfect stocking stuffer for any woman.  The colors are neutral and can work with anyone.

giorgio armani holiday eyes to kill ornament set They also carry Limited Edition sets like this Holiday Eyes to Kill Ornament Set.  Giorgio Armani Beauty is available at online, Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Ave.

diorshow mascara

From my retail days, the most popular mascara was Dior Show Mascara. It’s available in Black, Blue, and Brown. Slip one of those into her stocking, and she’ll be one happy mommy.

3 cargo bronzers

It’s a fact: bronzer makes you look healthier and younger! Cargo is known for their fantastic bronzer and it comes in three colors; medium, matte medium, and dark.dior lip glow

When you were born your lips were bright red and healthy looking. Take a look at them now. Do they look the same? If you think I’m lying, get out a baby picture.  Every mom wants to look fresh and healthy, not tired and over worked, which is exactly what’s going on.  Dior Addict Lip Glow is a great stocking stuffer!

one harry and david wrapped holiday chocolate

Mommies Want Chocolate

Give a mother, or most women chocolate and she’ll never forget you.  Harry and David’s is one of my favorites. I love fancy chocolate.  Because I am always watching what I eat and trying (key word trying) to eat healthy when someone gives me fancy chocolate as a gift, I really enjoy it.  It’s a treat.

pears in a box

I just received a lovely gift box in the mail of Harry & David® Pears. What a wonderful surprise it was.

I would never buy it for myself but I really loved receiving it and sharing it with my family. And it came with Holiday Chocolates! Bonus!

pistachios in a glass bowl

Mommies Want Snacks

Mommies snack.  But we don’t always snack healthy, although that’s our intention.  I’s hard when you’re making the kids snacks all the time. We could sure use some help! I love My Keto Snack Box and would love to receive a subscription box for Christmas.  You don’t need to be on the Keto Diet to enjoy My Keto Snack Box.  It’s just clean, healthy snacks!

box of keto snacks in front of a christmas tree

Most mommies are health conscious, or plan to be for the new year with lots of New Year’s resolutions so if she hints on that at all, get her the My Keto Snack Box.  Again, it’s not just limited to people that do the Keto diet.  It’s for anyone that enjoys clean, healthy eating.

blue backpack

Mommies Want Diaper Bags, Purses and Backpacks

Women can never have too many diaper bags, purses, and backpacks!

black diaper bagI’ve had this bag for 7 years! I will never let go of my MZ Wallace Kate Bedford Nylon Bag. It’s expensive, but every mommy deserves a fancy diaper bag.

I don’t know any mother who doesn’t enjoy trying new diaper bags and backpacks.  If she needs a Diaper Bag, timi & leslie have some great options.  Even though I have grown out of the diaper bag phase, I have kept a few of them. Timi & leslie‘s bags don’t look like diaper bags and are great for traveling, not to mention really stylish.

I now use backpacks for everything.  I rely on backpacks all the time, whether I am going to the park, have a play date or simply just picking up the kids.  I always need to have snacks on hand for myself and kids and keep all my stuff in one place.  I can’t live without my LeSportSac backpacks!

I use the Functional Backpack to take the kids to school and go hiking. But I really love using it for my laptop.  I also recently went to Costa Rica and took this backpack on the plane and it actually held my computer and my Canon 5D.


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This Voyager Backpack is perfect for putting my camera in because it has padding. It also has the drawstring closure which makes it easier to get to my camera. The three exterior pockets and three interior pockets help organize chargers and batteries.

Mommies Want Coffee

Most moms drink coffee.  We spend our days in drive thrus and car lines.  We deal with meltdowns and homework.  We need coffee. Coffee is our friend, our confidant and our “go to.”

I drink coffee first thing in the morning and have a cup of Mama JavaMama Java Cofee is a roast for the real mom.  These awesome roasts are great as stocking stuffers.  Your mommy friend, sister, sister-in-law, teacher, etc. will love Mama Java Coffee. 

They also have really cute mugs for gifts!

I generally go to Starbucks for ice coffee but have recently discovered Java Cold Brew Coffee Pods……..which allows me to make it at home.  These are awesome because you can just pour them into your cup and add water, milk and sugar and your good to go.  The coffee tastes amazing too.  Any mom would love these in her stocking or under the tree.

So, makeup, bags, coffee, chocolate and snacks.  That’s what we want.  I think I nailed it on the head, right? If you have something to add, do tell me! What am I missing?

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