5 Essentials for New Mommies
Kids - June 26, 2019

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Written by Emily McDaniel

Summer is HERE!!!!  Eeeekkkk…. how in the world has the year gone by so fast that it’s summer already?  One minute my 5 year old was graduating from preschool and now she’s already in kindergarten camp.  While being on the go doing a slew of fun summer activities from recitals to dance camp; I have found these five essentials to get me through life that I just had to share with y’all!!!

White Leaf Foodstwo apple pear sauces for babies

My 8 month old baby has been doing baby led feeding for about 2 months.  It’s so great and can be very messy.  I’m loving these biodynamic pouches that she can eat on the go with little mess.  It helps to incorporate some veggies that she hasn’t gotten the grasp of eating whole yet.  She is really enjoying the textures of them too.

They are organic; however, White Leaf foods come from biodynamic farming which adds vitality to the soil making it super healthy with better nutrition for our babies… Lots of research and explanation go into it-look them up it’s amazing.

bag of kyndful premium diapers

Kyndful Diapers & Wipes

Kyndful Brand mamas!!!  Let me tell you what!  These diapers are amazing! With all the new yummy food she’s trying; the poop is changing and very messy.  These are so absorbent keeping it contained.  The best part about them is they are plant-based leaving all the yuck out.  All in all keeping her free of redness, chafing, burns, and the good ole diaper rash we all loathe.

baby girl smiling holding diapers

The wipes y’all!!!  Let me tell you what!   I am a wipe connoisseur… haha just kidding.  But really though, don’t we all love wipes!  For literally everything!  I’ve tried them all and these top the list. Organic, pharmaceutical grade with a touch of chamomile helping clean up the mess not aiding in the redness.  Right mamas?  Who wants their wipes creating a rash?  And the best part about Kyndful brand is that every order has a guaranteed donation that will help save mothers with complications during pregnancy or childbirth.

girl holding a snack box

Snack in the Box 

So I got my 5 year old’s vote on this one!  She is constantly on the go and always -I repeat always, wanting a snack!  These are easy for her to load up with her top faves for the day and go.  I love the sustainability factor that this cancels out all the plastic baggies.  Win-win!

kafe in a box and snack box

Kafe in the Box 

This cup is a mamas dream…from keeping coffee hot in the morning to keeping your tea hot by the bed at night it’s amazing!  At the end of a long day of errands, activities, messy food, diaper changes, and all of the above …#momlife…all I really want is my goodnight tea to still be hot when I get up to bed.  I was finding myself back in the kitchen reheating my tea to then falling asleep before finishing it.  This gives me time to read a few books to the kiddos and wash my face giving me ample time to finish my tea-HOT!

blue book that says funny things my kids say

Ain’t no hood like motherhood!  Don’t we mamas know it.  I’m ecstatic I’ve found a few things that just make it all a tad bit more manageable-sort of!  From quality diapers and wipes to a cup that keeps my drinks hot/cold, a snack container that maybe saves me from having to open yet another snack to keeping my baby happy while on the go.  I’d say I’m winning at this for at least today!  Cheers to summatime!  Oh, and don’t forget to write down the hilarious things your kids say in this awesome Write to Me “Funny Things Kid’s Say” journal. This comes out June 28, but you can still preorder now.

Written by Emily McDaniel, contributor.

Emily is a stay at home Mama of 2 two beautiful girls-Avery,  5 years-old and Kadence who is 8 months. Her husband works in Building Automation and is a DJ on the side! She loves working out/running with her Mom village, hanging with her kids and hubby, and traveling/shopping whenever she can get away to do so. She loves all things kids/baby and is all about change and trying new things.

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