5 Easy Ways To Calm Kids Down
Blog - March 10, 2019

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It happens in a split of a second. Kid’s aren’t generally calm. They’re kids! It only takes the wrong outfit or food touching each other. I’ve even listed reasons for crazy behavior in my article in the Huffington Post, 19 Reasons My Son Cries. I like to make light of it because, let’s face it, we must laugh. Now I have 21 Reasons My Son Cries. Without laughing, I would not get through life. But the truth is, that all of it is very real. Kids have big feelings and sometimes don’t know what to do with them. I can relate. But I have found some tools to use in my 46 years of living. But kids brains are not yet fully developed.

I am not a parenting expert. I’m not even an adulting expert, haha. If there is anyone out there that has figured it out perfectly please let me know. Parenting has taken me emotionally to places I never dreamed, good and bad. The good times are worth it and parenting is so rewarding. It teaches us that we are a mirror. Our kids watch us and copy everything we do. Therefore, I am a better person all around. My kids force me to be better which in turn makes me a happier person.

I have noticed some methods I use that have calmed my kids down. I’m not sure where I have picked up these methods, probably a combination of talking to other moms and reading. Here’s five:

Time Out

When I say time out, I don’t mean shaming or disciplining, I mean taking time out for yourself. Sometimes I must remove myself and take a moment otherwise I might regret something I say or do. I’d rather walk away for five minutes to collect self. Time out also works with my kids. It just gives them a minute to calm down.

Take 5 Deep Breaths.

In the middle of the crisis, I just calmly say, “Let’s take a deep breath.” If they resist I offer to do it with them. 9/10 times it works and both of us are more relaxed. We can now talk about our feelings easier.

Write or Draw

We’ve all heard of journaling and art therapy. We even have adult coloring books. There are times when I must put my son in a “time out.” Again, this doesn’t mean shaming him, it means taking a moment. Sometimes I put myself in time out. But sitting down a writing is helpful. Whether it is writing about our feelings or writing a word repetitively.

Someone suggested that I have my five year-old son sit down and write his name a few times. I was apprehensive at first, as I thought this kind of punishment might affect his whole learning experience, but as much as he didn’t want to, by the end of completing it, he was calm and proud of himself for writing. I believe the repetitiveness was a form of mediating for him thus calming his down. He then forgot what he was upset about in the first place.

Read a Book

I found that when I offer to read to my kids it has a calming effect on everyone. I love sitting in bed with my boys reading to them. I also keep books on the coffee table downstairs and in my room for them. There’s nothing a good book can’t fix. It gets us out of our self.

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We recently received a subscription from Bookroo and the boys loved receiving books each month. I was so impressed with the quality of books that they sent. They were age appropriate and wrapped like gifts so the kids loved to tear through the packaging.

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Not only do they have fantastic books at a more affordable price through subscriptions, they also give back by donating children’s’ books to children in need through Reach Out and Read!

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Bookroo has all kinds of subscription plans with the option to cancel at any time. Their books are the kind of books that you will keep forever on the book shelf, with great storytelling and illustrations.

Check them out opening their first box here.

Offer a Hug

I’m reserved and not really a hugger (except with my children). It could be the British in me. Who knows! Now, when I see them melting down and nothing is working, I often ask if they need a hug. Nothing has ever gone wrong with a hug…or has it? haha. Many times, I find that the hug makes them let go of the idea that the world will end if they don’t have their needs met, like having ice cream before dinner.

These are all methods I’ve tried and found that it not only helps my kids calm down, but also helps me. Which goes to prove that parenting does force you to become a better person.

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