5 Top Ninja Foodi Dinner Recipes
Blog - December 26, 2019

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Before the Ninja Foodi I didn’t cook. Now I really enjoy cooking as along as it involves the Ninja Foodi. Now I want to cook dinner every night. It’s all about making the best Ninja Foodi cooking recipes now. It’s a life changer.

Photo of the Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 Programmable Pressure Fryer, Slow Multi Cooker with TenderCrisp Technology, 5 Pot, 3-qt. Air Fry Basket (OP101), 5-Quart, Black/Gray

The Ninja Foodi 7 in 1 is the world’s first crisping pressure cooker that also air fries, bakes, roasts and boils all in one cooker. The pressure lid cooks food up to 70% faster than traditional cooking. It truly makes the best pressure cooked recipes.

I’ve never pressure cooked anything or air fried anything, for that matter. So I was so excited to find some easy Ninja Foodi recipes. Recently I’ve noticed a lot of buzz around instant pot recipes but didn’t understand why.  Now that I’ve used the Ninja Foodi, I know why. You can make more food in less time. The Ninja Foodi 7 in 1 can do everything an instant pot can do and so much more. This is why everyone is talking about the best Ninja Foodi recipes.

I thought it would be complicated to cook dinner recipes in the Ninja Foodi and was scared to use it for a while but once I tried air frying brussel sprouts and steaks (together!), I was hooked. 

So, I wanted to introduce you to some really easy Ninja Foodi recipes that anyone (even me) could do, like roast chicken, Ninja Foodi mac and cheese, and air fryer keto buffalo wings.

Photo of a roasted chicken close up on a wooden cutting board as part as a Ninja Foodi recipe.

Ninja Foodi Roast Chicken

This Ninja Foodi Roast Chicken is a deliciously moist chicken that’s flavorful and crispy on the outside! So easy to make in your Ninja Foodi in no time at all!

by Bitzngiggles.com

Photo of a cooked Ham with Pineapple Glaze recipe with chunks of pineapple

Ninja Foodi Ham with Pineapple Glaze

This Ninja Foodie Ham with Pineapple Glaze is the perfect dish for the Holidays. I can almost taste the pineapple and brown sugar.

by TheTypicalMom.com

Photo of cooked mac and cheese made in the Ninja Foodi

Ninja Foodi Mac and Cheese

The Creamy Ninja Foodi macaroni and cheese recipe is the BEST pressure cooker mac and cheese you’ll ever make in under 15 minutes flat! Cheesy perfection that will have you going back for seconds.

by TheTypicalMom.com

Photo of cooked pot roast with peppers on top and a side of broccoli.

Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Pot Roast Recipe

Check out how to cook a pot roast in the Ninja Foodi and what ingredients to use. Using the pressure cooker feature you will have yourself a delicious, tender pot roast.

by DrDanvinahseats.com

Photo of fried chicken wings with blue cheese and broccoli.

Air Fryer Keto Buffalo Chicken Wings Recipe

This is a quick recipe for Air Fryer Keto Buffalo Wings that is perfect for dinner or a keto-friendly appetizer.

by DrDanvinahseats.com

Pictures of recipes made using the Ninja Foodi.

So which one are you going to make? Don’t forget the Ninja Foodi has 7 functions that include pressure cook, air fry/air crisp, steam, bake/roast, slow cook, yogurt, and sear/saute. So, there is nothing you can’t cook in it.

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