5 Amazing DIY Crafts for Mother’s Day
Blog - May 2, 2019

Hero Image of Mother's Day CraftsMother’s Day is coming up and today I was invited to probably my last Mother’s Day Tea for a while.  My five year-old invited me to his preschool for some fun.  The teachers set up craft stations with bracelet making, potted plant making, and all kinds of fun stuff for us to do together.  It was followed by a group song and a DIY gift that I will treasure forever.  It was such a special day and my son was excited about it for days!


So, I thought I’d do this quick round up of my favorite DIY crafts for Mother’s Day.  These are truly the cutest!

DIY Fabric Tray

Fabric Tray Mother’s Day Gift

by SwoodsonSays

Bottle Cap Key ChainDIY Bottle Cap Mother’s Day Keychain

by ArtsyFartsyMama

Craft stick napkin holder

Craft Stick Napkin Holder

by MyJoyFilledLife

DIY Serving TrayMother’s Day Serving Tray with Kid’s Handprints

by MakingManzanita.com

DIY mother's day flower pots with paper flowers and picturesDIY Mother’s Day Flower Pots

by AweFilledHomemaker

Pin for Mother's Day gifts

How cute are these DIY Mother’s Day crafts? Which one are you making?

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