5 Amazing Desserts for Fourth of July Celebrations
Blog - June 24, 2020

Fourth of July is coming up and my boys are so excited.  I’m excited about barbecues, get togethers, yummy food and desserts.  They are excited about fireworks.  It’s all about being safe and having a good time. Somehow everything will all come together.

But for me, it’s all about the food and decor.  I love fun projects that bring celebrations alive.  And I definitly have a sweet tooth.  So, I found 5 amazing Fourth of July Desserts.  These are my top 5 red, white, and blue patriotic desserts.

watermelon cake with coconut cream frosting and berries

Layered Watermelon Cake with Coconut Cream Frosting

I love watermelon especially during the summer, it’s so refreshing. And coconut cream? I use it everyday in my shakes.  Add some berries and I’m totally hooked.  This is a great cake to have by the pool at a barbecue.

by CreativeGreenLiving.com

Easy Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich For 4th Of July

Ice cream is my weakness.  I’d be happy just eating it for the rest of my life without anything else.  I’d trade it in for coffee and I love my coffee(s).  Cookies and ice cream….well I’d give up coffee forever if I could eat these easy 4th of July cookie ice cream sandwiches every day!

by FunMoneyMom

red white and blue cakeRed White and Blue Cake

Have you ever seen something too pretty to eat? I think this Red White and Blue Cake is so gorgeous.  I could just stare at it all day.  But just looking at the moist cake is killing me so there goes my will power.

by MommiesFabulousFinds.com

fourth of July cheesecake

Fourth of July Cheesecake Cake

I love me some cheesecake.  But cheesecake AND cake? Am I seeing this correctly?  Such a great combo!

by TheItsyBitsyKitchen.com

Patriotic Snack Cakes

These snack cakes are adorable and look easy to make.  Since I don’t see all 50 stars on the piece though, I may have to eat the whole cake to make 50, hehe.

by DancingThroughTheRain.com

These amazing red, white, and blue desserts are great for Fourth of July parties and barbecues.  You can’t go wrong with these delicious ice cream sandwiches and bundt cakes.

All these desserts are making me salivate. Which one are you going to make?


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