11 Top Instagrammable Places to Visit in Finland
Blog - January 4, 2021

Thanks so much to Finnair and Visit Finland for hosting this trip. All opinions are 100% my own.

I had a chance to visit Finland last September and was overwhelmed by the beauty of this country. It is famous for its amazing Finnish architecture, visual arts, museums, churches, and beautiful nature.

Finland, the happiest place in the world, is a photographers dream and if you are looking for the top instagrammable places in Finland, you’ve come to the right place.


I love taking travel photography and I found the best pictures in Finland. Here are 11 of the top instagrammable places in Finland, including Hotel Katajanokka in Helsinki, Ranua Zoo, Arctic Igloos in Rovaniemi, Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Uspenski Cathedral and more.

Check the most beautiful places to photograph in Finland! They can easily be taken on a quick day trip.

Bedroom in Hotel Katajanokka

Hotel Katajanokka

Escape the ordinary at one of the top instagramable places in Finland, Hotel Katajanokka in Helsinki, a former Helsinki county prison. I stayed in a “cell” where the ministers stayed with a beautiful view of the courtyard. A tunnel was discovered on the premises that went through the wall from the men’s cell block on the 3rd floor. Y

ou would think this tunnel was for the prisoners to escape, however, it leads to women’s cell No 13 on the same floor. The prisoners had spent two weeks building it.

Long table that would feed prisoners at Hotel Katajanokka
Can you envision prisoners sitting at this long table eating? I can!

Check out this video with some clips from how the old days of being locked up changed to nights of sleeping in luxury at Katajanokka.

Market Square

Market Square is the central square in Helsinki and is full of activities, instagrammable picture taking and family friendly things to do, like visiting Vanha Kauppahalli (also known as Old Market Hall), Helsinki’s Oldest Market hall.

You can even go swimming at Allas Sea Pool and swim by moonlight!

peppers in a basket

I also really enjoyed shopping in the outdoor markets and eating fresh berries and fresh fish like “neulamuikut” (deep fried whitefish).

You can take a ferry to Suomenlinna Sea Fortress or you can go on a Ferris wheel with the kids and try the SkySauna. What a great opportunity to take pictures from up high of the city of Helsinki.

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress

If you just walk around the island you will find a variety of great images to take. From doors to buildings overlooking the water to simple shops and unique buildings with character and charm.

Suomenlinna Sea Fortress is a beautiful landmark that was renamed Suomenlinna (‘Castle of Finland’) in May 1918 to reflect Finland’s independence, and it was annexed to the state of Finland.

Soon, the fortress housed various Defense Forces units and Suomenlinna became a Finnish garrison. There are 6 Museums, including the Toy Museum; my favorite.

Linnanmaki Fair

Linnanmaki Fair was built after WWII to give the children a childhood. This retro theme park is like stepping back into time with some original rides.

It’s free to get in and any charges for rides go to charity.

There are so many opportunities to take fun, colorful images. You can also buy the famous Finnish chocolate, Fazer or buy cotton candy and watch it being made the old fashioned way.

Imagine flying high in this!

Arctic Fox Igloos

Arctic Fox Igloos are modern glass igloos that are located on the shores of the lake Ranuanjärv.

Each igloo offers an unobstructed view across the open lake to the far-reaching northern horizons. Perfect for picture taking! You can also combine your stay with a variety of activities.

Image of the Norther Lights in Helsinki, Finland at night.

The Northern Lights

The Northern Lights, also referred to as the Aurora Borealis are a bucket list item for sure! My first time shooting them was more exciting with the anticipation of seeing them visually than actually getting a shot. They are beautiful for sure and worth the wait. If you can get a shot – bonus for sure!

If your interested on taking pictures of The Northern Lights, check out this tutorial on How to Photograph the Northern Lights by Reid of DottingTheMap.com.

Bearhill Husky

Bearhill Husky

One of my favorite activities in was husky sledding at Bearhill Husky. It is a family run husky kennel based in Rovaniemi, Lapland. They offer private tours in the winter and lots of activities throughout the year.

Who doesn’t love a puppy shot?

Uspenski Cathedral

Uspenski Cathedral was built in 1868 in the Katajanokka district of Helsinki. It is the largest orthodox church in Western Europe. With its golden cupolas and redbrick facade, the church is one of the clearest symbols of the Russian impact on Finnish history.

There is also Helsinki Cathedral, a Finnish Evangelical Lutheran cathedral of the Diocese of Helsinki, located in the neighborhood of Kruununhaka in the center of Helsinki, Finland at the Senate Square.

Of course you wouldn’t take images inside the church out of respect but here’s a video of what to expect if entering.

Ranua Zoo

At the Ranua Wildlife Park you can see polar bears, as well as 50 different other arctic animal species in the midst of northern woods. Ranua offers accommodation and a variety of program services for an adventuresome holiday trip in the heart of true Lappish wilderness.

Santa’s Reindeer at Santa Claus Village

I never thought reindeer would be so magical until I fed one. These are domestic reindeer so they come right up to you.

Roca Kitchen and Wine Bar

I couldn’t possibly post about Travel and Instagram without including food. Roca Kitchen and Wine provides Bistro food in cozy French atmosphere, Spanish tapas, handmade Italian pasta, flavors and wines around the world all in Rovaniemi, Finland.

Where do you plan on going first?

Check out more of Finland’s instagrammable places here.

More spots in Helsinki to visti:

  • Central Railway Station
  • National Library
  • Allas sea pool
  • Sibelius Monument
  • Levi
  • Tampere
  • Aland Archipelago
  • Kemi
  • Finnish Lakeland
  • Turku
  • Porvoo
  • Savonlinna
  • Lapland
  • Oulu
  • Helsinki
  • Archipelago National Park
  • Koli National Park
  • Vaasa
  • Åland Archipelago.

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