10 + Fun Unicorn Crafts for Kids
Crafts - April 15, 2023

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Are you a Unicorn Lover? Well, we’ve got some fun Unicorn crafts for kids. Who doesn’t like Unicorn puppets and unicorn slime? These are fun crafts that kids will love!

collage of unicorn crafts for kids

I have a bit of an obsession with Unicorns, my son’s will tell you, lol. So, I jump at any opportunity to have fun with these magical creatures, like making a Razzle Dazzle DIY Gem Art Kit for Unique Unicorns. I love anything Unicorn themed, like unicorn strawberry scented erasers and unicorn coloring books.

This is why I decided to create a list of of magical unicorn crafts that will make your kids smile. From glittery unicorn masks to rainbow unicorn horns, these projects are sure to be a hit with any child who loves unicorns.

Easy Unicorn Crafts for Kids

These easy crafts are easy enough for even young children to do on their own and they can use them as decorations or gifts for friends and family members. Little girls and little hands will love them! You don’t need any special skills or tools either – just some paper, glue and scissors!

Fun unicorn crafts are perfect for girls (and boys) of all ages, older kids, younger kids, and even adults! . You can make these projects together as a family or let your kids explore on their own and make DIY Unicorn crafts like like unicorn headbands and paper crafts.

Either way, they will love making these magical creatures come alive with our step-by-step instructions and videos. These projects are so much fun, you might just want to try them yourself! This list is full of the best ideas that will inspire creativity in all ages – we hope it inspires yours too!

10 + Fun Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Fun Unicorn Crafts for Kids

Fun Unicorn Crafts for Kids

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