10 Amazing DIY Hot Cocoa Bombs
Desserts & Swets - January 1, 2020

Chocolate cocoa bombs collage

I’ve never been a big fan of hot chocolate unless it’s made with real cocoa and milk. I don’t like the instant cocoa you get from coffee shops or the cocoa you mix with water. No thank you. But when I heard about this new thing called Hot Chocolate Bombs, I was intrigued.

I love that they are fresh hot cocoa bombs. I love the amount of time and creativity put into them and I think that hot chocolate bombs are great gifts and would brighten up any ones day and taste buds!

I found some fantastic ideas using candy melts and hot chocolate mix.

10 Amazing DIY Hot Cocoa Bombs

  • Fun Surprise Valentine’s Cocoa Bomb
  • Surprise Cocoa Bomb with Conversation Hearts
  • DIY New Year’s Eve Cocoa Bombs Tradition
  • DIY Christmas Cocoa Bombs
  • Homemade Hot Cocoa Balls with Marshmallows and Peanut Butter!
  • Hot Cocoa Bombs with Creme Brulee Hot Cocoa Recipe
  • Salted Caramel Hot Cocoa Bombs
  • Disney Frozen Hot Chocolate Bombs
  • Giant Grinch Hot Cocoa Bomb
  • White Chocolate Mocha Hot Chocolate Balls – Saving Dollars & Sense
  • 10-Minute Grinch Hot Cocoa Bombs!
  • Peppermint Hot Cocoa Bombs
  • Snowman Hot Chocolate Bombs
  • Mexican Cocoa Hot Chocolate Bomb Recipe

How to Make a Hot Chocolate Bomb

Hot chocolate bombs are the hot cocoa treat as seen on TikTok. Hot cocoa bombs are an easy DIY project that you can make as a delicious homemade gift to give this holiday season. Check out this easy DIY Hot Chocolate Bomb by Savoringthegood.com. For more recipes scroll down to the bottom.

cocoa bombs

Different Kinds of Hot Cocoa Bombs

Cocoa Bombs

Best hot chocolate bombs

DIY Recipes for Hot Chocolate Bombs

I love all the unique DIY recipes for Hot Cocoa Bombs so I wanted to include some of these talented recipe makers to my list.

Hot chocolate bombs
  • gluesticksblog.com – Hot chocolate bombs are fun to make and even more fun to watch disappear in a cup of hot milk! The most decadent cup of hot chocolate you’ll ever drink! If you’ve seen the viral exploding hot chocolate bomb videos on Tik Tok—-these are it!
Holiday Hot chocolate bombs
How to make Hot Chocolate Bombs
  • crayonsandcravings.com – Follow this recipe to make your basic hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows. You will love how easy they are to make!
basic hot chocolate bombs
  • bakedbroiledandbasted.com -Hot Cocoa Bombs are hollow chocolate balls filled with little surprises that pop out when hot milk is poured over them. These are easy to make at home and the hottest gift this holiday season.
three ingredients Hot Chocolate Bombs
  • tastesofhomemade.com -These hot cocoa bombs are easy to whip up with just three ingredients. Just add milk to watch them burst open and create the best hot chocolate you will ever make.
hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows
  • creativegreenliving.com – These simple hot chocolate bombs with marshmallows are naturally gluten free. She also includes directions for creating flavored hot cocoa bombs

Can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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