Why I Don’t Regret Cutting Off My Long Hair
Blog - May 29, 2017


For years I grew out my hair. I longed for long hair (no pun intended).  I thought long hair would make me feel more girly.  But guess what?  It was years of treatments and bottles of hair conditioners just to keep my hair up in a ponytail ALL THE TIME!  I rarely had my hair down, and when I did I was messing with it because it was course and fine.  Even with flat ironing it, I didn’t like it.

My hair has been problem hair since the day I was in grade school.  My mother would take me to hair salons as a child and get it “relaxed” and I’d come home with a burnt scalp.  However,  my hair was manageable and looked great until the next appointment.  Haha!

This is how long my hair was a few months ago and the style was also similar.   This is a synthetic lace front wig.  So, if I want it back I can have it back. Nowadays, there are so many different solutions.   I was so tired of trying to manage hair that just didn’t look great on me and was costing me money to maintain.  I never enjoyed it wearing it down.

So, I cut my hair.  It was the best decision ever! I feel more girly than I ever did with long hair.  And with so many options out there, I knew that I could still enjoy long hair one day without the hassle of growing it out.  One of those options is synthetic lace front wigs.

I have no regrets especially when I know that I can easily order a synthetic lace front wig from Divatress.  Any time I want to switch it up and do something different with my hair I can.  At the end of the day, it’s up to me and my mood.  I need at least five synthetic lace front wigs for all my moods!  Which one fits your personality?

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