Wake Up to Makeup and Check Out The Balm Cosmetics!
Blog - April 11, 2017

I’ve tried a lot of make up in my cosmetic retail days, but I’ve never tried The Balm.  It is the bomb!  Priced reasonable and packaged using a vintage inspired theme, it really blew me away.  Oh yes, big bonus; it’s talc free, paraben free, and cruelty free!

I got some products from Wakeup To Makeup’s Melissa Freed. She is a makeup artist and aesthetician.  She picked out the colors for me based upon my needs and shipped them right to me.  I didn’t have to walk into a department store and get bombarded or overwhelmed.  How many of us go into the cosmetics department looking for an eyeliner and leaving with a whole skincare regimen?  We are all guilty of it mainly because of our weakness for makeup and skincare.  Let’s not call it a weakness, but a passion.  Yeah, that’s it.

To add more excitement to your shopping experience, try shopping with kids. My son has left the department with painted nails, hahah.  But Melissa, a busy mom of four, is a “no nonsense” gal and can get you your makeup skincare in a flash and ship it to you. Big bonus here; She carries many professional brands and her prices are lower than retail!  Yes, please!

These are the products I tried:

Mary-Lou Manizer®

It is a highlighter, shadow & shimmer.  Don’t go by the picture on their site.  It’s much lighter.  It’s so pretty and great for multi-use.  I’d say everyone needs a Mary-Lou Manizer. I added it around my eyes to brighten and lift.  It retails for $24 on the site.  Melissa sells it for $22.50. Woot!

Meet Matt(e) Hughes®

This is a long-lasting liquid lipstick and is a very popular line.  I tried it in “Committed.” What I noticed right away was the smell.  It’s yummy! All the colors are gorgeous. From super bright links to neutral nudes. Long lasting. The color Melissa chose for me is called Committed. It’s a mauvey nude pink.  Does that make sense? Basically, it’s a pretty natural color.  She got the color spot on for me! It retails for $17 but Melissa sells it for $16.50. It smells yummy and it stays.  I have issues with long lasting lipsticks because my lips usually dry out.  But this one goes on moisturizing and is a has a glossy look at first but dries to a matte.  I would probably add gloss to it because matte is not as flattering on me now at 46 years-old as it was when I was twenty.

Mad Lash®

Mad Lash Mascara was probably my favorite product.  I was very skeptical too because I have sensitive eyes. It claims to “deliver intense volume and definition.” I did not think it had that much volume but it had mad definition! It reminded me of  Lancôme’s world’s famous Definicils.  I loved it.  My lashes felt healthier and more defined.  There was volume but it was natural volume.  Retails for $18 price but Melissa’s price is $16.50

With that being said, are you ready to check out Wakeup To Makeup and see what Melissa has in store (literally) for you? Go join her group now and look out for a great giveaway!




  1. You will not be disappointed beauty junkies! And even if you’re not a beauty Junkie (yet lol) you can find simple makeup for your day-to-day. Xo

  2. This does sound like a great cosmetics company. I would really like to try the balmshelter tinted moisturizer.

  3. I still haven’t tried the Balm cosmetics line. Wakeup to Makeup sounds truly like a life saver! Sometimes I dread going into the store not because I don’t like looking at all the new products but because I listen to the sales people and buy too much, because of course if you don’t like it you can always return it. So I end up with a whole bunch of stuff that I pay top dollar for and it’s just too much trouble to return it.

  4. This is the first I have heard of Balm products. These products all look great! I love that Balm products are talc free, paraben free, & cruelty free! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Im so in love with the vintage look of these products!! They are seriously so awesome!! The colors are so classic!! This whole line just has me totally in love!

  6. Thank you for sharing about this product. It sounds like an amazing product in something and I am definitely interested in trying

  7. Well I signed up to join the group as my daughter is very interested. We talked yesterday and she is most interested in the mascara.

  8. I have not tried hardly anything from this line. Not that I’m purposely staying away from them because I’m not, I just haven’t seen it when I’m making a purchase. Will have to try their mascara and bronze for sure.

  9. I still haven’t tried the Balm cosmetics line. Wakeup to Makeup sounds truly like a life saver! I can not afford this makeup. I am on a tight budget. I barely make it trough the month. I have never hear of this brand at all.

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