This Mother’s Day I’m Going to Take Care of Myself
Blog - May 4, 2017


I love Mother’s Day.  This picture was taken at the beach with Henri, my first son, on my first Mother’s Day as a mother.  It’s such a huge reminder of how my life has changed since having my boys.  I couldn’t imagine having children, especially when I had pets.  I was happy living the single life.  But the universe had different plans and I winked back at a French boy on

So here we are…nine years later.  Married with two boys, ages 3 and 5.   Motherhood is amazing. It’s rewarding and scary.  Becoming a mother has changed me on so many levels, including having a deeper respect for my own mother, who at times, will admit she fell short.  I struggle keeping two boys in check at 46 years-old, but I can’t imagine having a child at twenty-one-years-old.  I was so immature at that age.  I am who I am because of my mother.

So, as I think about the struggles my mother dealt with raising me, and the ones I’m about to embark on such as the panic I feel when I think of my son going to kindergarten, I wonder why I don’t take better care of myself.  I don’t sleep enough.  I don’t exercise enough, and I eat on the go all the time. I feel guilty for being tired but I stay up late working.  My husband gives me lots of time off but I use it to work.  I just cashed in a Gift Certificate I received for a pedicure more than a year ago for my Birthday.  I still haven’t gotten the massage my husband got me in 2014. Why do we, as mothers, put ourselves last?  This year I am putting myself first!

I want the works.  I want pomp and circumstance.  I want it all!  I want brunch!!!  That’s right, I want a lavish, luxurious, mouthwatering, brunch.  It’s all about the food!

I am going to Ironwood Steak & Seafood, located inside PGA National Resort and Spa. I can’t wait to experience the chef’s choice buffet of contemporary American Cuisine, garden fresh salads and sides.  Brunch standouts include popcorn shrimp with charred corn risotto; hand carved pastrami spiced brisket, build your own omelet and crepe stations, jumbo lump crab stuffed Corvina, sea salt red cured snapper, and so much more.

Check out the Menu HERE.

This is going to be an amazing Mother’s Day, thanks to PGA National Resort and Spa!  I was there a couple of years ago, but I hear they have made some fantastic changes!

We can’t wait to experience it.   I might even have to stop by and make an appointment at the Spa for a later date when I’m alone or with a girlfriend.  In honor of the celebration of Mother’s Day Sunday, the Spa will be treating all guests to a spread of tea and sweets from 2 pm to 4 pm.

Rated as “Best Spa in Palm Beach County,” and honored as one of the “Best Places to be Pampered,” The Spa at PGA National was recently transformed by undergoing a renovation that included its pool deck and new furnishings. Also, the sleek ladies’ lounge was totally remodeled, as well as the wet room including all new sauna, steam rooms, indoor Jacuzzi, and locker rooms.

The Waters of the World healing mineral pools with ancient restorative powers sounds amazing. Salts and minerals are imported from around the globe to create this unique attraction including the Salies de Bearn pool from the French Pyrenees and Dead Sea pool from Israel.

I can’t wait to check out the PGA National Resort & Spa, especially with all the changes!  Brunch is going to be decadent!!!

Prices are $79 for adults and $25 for children 5 to 12. Reservations can be made at or by calling 561-627-4852.

If you can’t make brunch but are looking for a Mother’s Day gift, you can purchase a $350 gift card and earn a one-night stay at PGA National Resort & Spa. Take it one-step further with a $450 gift card and receive a two-night stay. For the most exclusive experience purchase a $600 gift card, and you will be given a reward voucher of a 2 Night Stay in a Suite.

Mothers are going to be celebrated everywhere on May 14th, but I can’t wait for my celebration because I have made a commitment to take better care of myself these days.

What are you going to do to take better care of yourself as a Mother

What can you do to take better care of yourself?

Thanks to  PGA National Resort & Spa  for inviting us to brunch. Details and pictures to come after Mother’s Day!




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  1. Wow this looks like a great place to visit! All mums deserve a spa visit annually at minimum I think! I hope you have a great time.

  2. WOW! I honestly feel moms deserve at least 4 pamper days a month HAHA being a mom is hard! You deserve this little treat! Have an awesome Mom’s day!

  3. This is the best way to spend mother’s day, by taking good care of yourself. I think it’s important that mothers also focus on their well being. We can’t take good care of the family if we’re not healthy, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

  4. It’s so important to remember to take care of yourself as a mom. I’m glad to see that you will be treating yourself to a wonderful vacation.

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