The Whole Damn Mess Debuts The Queen and The Outcast
Blog - January 12, 2018

Music is my life.  All my childhood memories are attached to music.  Just today, I heard a song on the radio and was instantly taken back to driving in my father’s diesel Volkswagen Rabbit. I can almost smell the car that I rode in 35 years ago.

Music also takes me back to my first love, my first broken heart, and my husband now.  It still stings to hear certain songs and my heart never recovered from some relationships until I met my husband.

So, when I was listening The Whole Damn Mess and took in Don Miggs’ revealing, autobiographical songs, especially “And Then They Were” from their new album “The Queen And The Outcast,” it brought back memories of when I met him.  I waited so long to meet him, exactly 36 years, and “I blinked and then we were,” just as Don Miggs sings about when he met his wife.  I related to the process he went through.


In his biography he talks about forcing things to happen.  He says that only when he stopped trying to force his life to follow the familiar “fame and fortune” narrative did he finally realize that the story he’d already written was far more compelling.  The same happened for me.  When I finally let go of a relationship that I was trying to force to fit the mold of what I thought we should be, when I literally wrote, “don’t ever contact me again” and closed the door, my husband winked at me on  He had already winked at me before while I was pining over the other relationship, but I never saw it because I had tunnel vision.  As soon as I winked back, it was on! And just like that, like Migg’s sings, “You found me.”  I couldn’t see myself being without him, or going anywhere without him, ever.  He was the one and will forever be the one

 “No, no, no, I don’t want to go, no, no, I don’t want to go, no, no, I don’t want to go anywhere without you.” – Anywhere Without You.  This was one of my favorite songs. I totally get it.

If you like 90’s alternative mixed with modern flare, you’ll like The Queen and The Outcast. I enjoyed it and found myself repeating songs in my head later.  Available now! Check it out here.

1) And There They Were
2) We Don’t Need A Reason
3) Be Good To Yourself
4) Anywhere Without You
5) That’s Just How It Goes
6) Maybe We Should Do It
7) Helium
8) Summer Under Covers
9) When She Says


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