Surviving Back Pain and Mother’s Day with Smart For Life
Blog - June 5, 2017

This is a sponsored post for Smart For Life.  However, my opinions are my own, including my obsession with the Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies.

So, it’s been a month since I started again on my Smart for Life journey. If you read my earlier article you know that after completing my second round of Smart for Life I had fallen off tracks and gained back  a lot of the 30+ pounds I had originally lost.

This was my first monthly check-in.

I’ve been doing weekly weigh-ins so I knew pretty much where I was at. During the weekly the only that is checked is your weight. The monthly check-in is a lot more involved, you get to see the progression of your BMI, your body fat percentage, fat mass, water, and more.

I came in at about 6lbs below my starting weight. I was a little disappointed but between Mother’s Day Brunch/extravaganza at the PGA Resort, and a back injury that has prevented me from being as active as I normally am, 6lbs is not too bad. My back is better now so next month my numbers should be better. It’s about steady improvements and consistency. This isn’t a race for me, I don’t have a wedding dress or bridesmaid dress to fit in. Like the Italians say: “qui va piano va sano”.

It has taken me over 30 years to realize that not being overweight is not a state, it’s a lifestyle. You can’t jolt yourself into not being overweight. There is no fit tea you can drink and magically not be overweight anymore.

It’s all about food quantities and food choices. It may sound simple, but it is more intricate than most of us realize. After losing 30 pounds with Smart for Life I thought I had “graduated.” I wasn’t in the overweight category, I learned. Things were going to be different now. Time has proven this thinking is wrong.

I realize now more than ever that if I want to keep the weight off I need to commit to a lifestyle change.  It’s so much harder to lose the weight the second time around.  But as I get back into the gym, I’ll start feeling better again.  The program does not encourage going to the gym if you haven’t worked out previously.  But since I was already working out, I still go.  I take a Smart For Life Protein Bar in case I feel I need it. Check out their new addition to the Smart For Life family, the Luscious Lemon Protein Bars!

It’s all about progress, not perfection.  So onward I go!

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